NAIL TRENDS AND SAVING YOUR MANICURE With the Twitter moniker, RedCarpetMan, celebrity ‘MAN-icurist’ Tom Bachik is no stranger to tending to some of the most glamorous nails in the biz. Reporting from behind the scenes at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, Bachik shares his red-carpet secrets with Are there any particular manicure colors that celebrities are gravitating towards this season on the red carpet? For red carpet, it’s usually pretty safe: chic and elegant, so we are doing a lot of nudes. One thing that I do is to create a little bit of translucency when working with nudes so your natural skin tone shows through the polish color to create a customized shade just for you. Like how a nude pump accentuates legs and make them look long and slender, a nude polish does the same for the hands. MDC Recommends: L'Oréal Paris Colour Riche Nail Polish in Sweet Nothings, essie Nail Color in Ballet Slippers, and LONDONTOWN Lakur in Teatime. Is there a particular nail art trend that you see celebrities embracing or are they mostly sticking with a classic manicure? Most of the celebrities favor a more classic, glamorous manicure—however, there are a few that are opting for a really sparkly, glittery look as well to add some more dimension to their nails. How do you take into consideration what celebrities are wearing when you decide on their nail polish color? For me, I like either to complement the color of the outfit or contrast it, but nothing in between. I like it to be matchy-matchy or I want it to be striking and stand out. For example, if the celebrity is wearing a green dress, I would do a rich-deep red on her nails. If she’s wearing a red dress, I might go and do a great gold shimmer. When you’re changing up manicures frequently, what’s the best way to keep nails healthy? The best thing you can do is to keep your nails moisturized. A great cuticle oil is a must because not only does it hydrate the skin around the nail, it will penetrate into the nail to keep it soft and flexible and prevent it from chipping and breaking. MDC Recommends: Julep Essential Cuticle Oil, essie Apricot Cuticle Oil And our own pressing question: how do you save a fresh manicure that got smudged before it was dry? One of the things I recommend is to make sure that before you apply your top coat, let your nail polish dry for a minute or two. The reason for that is because most top coats are designed to dry very quickly so if you apply it right after the polish, it’ll dry faster than the polish underneath and trap in the solvent, causing the polish underneath to dry slower. Now let’s say you do smudge it—the easiest way to take care of that is to take your finger and dip it in a bit of polish remover, then smooth out where you smudged the polish using a small circular motion. You can actually almost blend the smudge in and it gives you a nice smooth finish. Now if you remove the color while you’re smoothing, just reapply the polish to that area, wait for it to dry and finish off with a top coat.

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