There’s no doubt that we appreciate good humor, especially when it’s relatable and involves makeup (See: 12 Hilarious #MakeupFails That All Beauty Lovers Can Relate To). So when we discovered a thread in the ever-popular Makeup Addiction subreddit we were instantly hooked. The thread — started by redditor mufassa4700 — posed the question, “What was the most hilarious and heartwarming makeup compliment you’ve gotten?” It's safe to say that a good chunk of our day was lost reading all of the comments, but we’re far from mad about it. With nearly 200 comments, the Makeup Addiction thread is blowing up and has earned its rightful place in the current “Top” Makeup Addiction threads. Discover our favorite comments, ahead.

“My dad, not a makeup connoisseur, once told me, ‘I like the color of your face.’ He was referring to my blush but didn’t know what that was. I was cracking up while also thinking how cute that complement was,” Says mufassa4700.

“A girl in Target who was about 18 or 19 told me my brows looked like two perfect angels and I rode that high for like a week,” comments thefaultinourstars.

“My boyfriend once said that the thing that makes the biggest difference to my face is when I do "the crunchy thing". He meant using eyelash curlers,” Says MaquillageMayhem.

Redditor Teer 22 explains, “I used to work at a pizza place that also sold chicken wings, and a customer once told me she liked my wings while they were ordering. I was confused and made a comment along the lines of "yea they're okay with honey barbecue on them" before she explained that she'd meant my eyeliner. Still makes me laugh!”

Lastly, rnnybf says, “My 6 year old niece once said to her mom (my sister) “Aunt Dentina looks nice after she smashes the ball in her face”. She must have seen me applying my foundation with my beauty blender.”

To see all of the comments, check out the entire subreddit, here.

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