jmorris Sep 28, 2011
If you're now feeling ponytail-chlorine-UV remorse, don’t fret. We spoke with Celebrity Stylist Matt Fugate of the Sally Hershberger Salon to get the scoop on how to repair summertime strand damage. Manage moisture loss Many of summer’s elements—sun, wind, sand—can dry out hair. When the season’s over it's important to re-infuse strands with moisture.  “The first step is to get a haircut to remove split ends,” Fugate states.  Once they’re gone, use a conditioning hair mask like L’Oreal EverPure Moisture Deep restorative Masque from roots to ends once a week. Then, every day (or just before you blow dry your hair) use a keratin spritz on damp hair to lock in the moisture. Try: Sally Hershberger Hyper Hydration Super Keratin Spray. Fix faded color “After summer, a color touch up may be necessary because your hair is more porous and the cuticles are blown open from all of the elements,” Fugate explains.  Since your hair isn’t in the best condition, opt for a shade darker than you would normally use—it’s going to fade at a slightly quicker rate until you've restored the condition of your strands. Beat breakage “The ultimate cause of breakage is most likely a result of weakened protein bonds in your hair,” Fugate says. And, if you notice split ends after summer, the season's elements may be to blame. One way to prevent your hair from future snapping is to find the right products for your hair type, and use them appropriately. Keeping your hair coated before and after blow drying creates smoothness instead of friction and dryness, which is key to damage-proofing hair. Has summer done a number on your strands?


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