Being a beauty devotee is kind of like being a member of a special society: Admission is welcome to all, we know how to share (not mascara though—gross), and we even have our own beauty vocabulary. If you would gladly drop everything to watch a makeup video or you experience anxiety when your fave contouring palette is discontinued, then you certainly know that no one understands a makeup lover better than a fellow makeup lover.

We rounded up the most LOL-worthy quotes that will feel all too real to a true beauty addict. Whether these quotes make you want to tag your bestie or raise the praise hands emoji, we’ve got proof that when it comes to the world of makeup, you’re in good company. 

10.  After all, eyebrows are sisters, not twins.

Which of your brows can't seem to get her act together? Makeup artist @emilyoliver08 gave us the best tips for getting both brows on the right track, no matter your brow shape. Link in bio.

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9. Do people think perfectly winged liner just happens?!

You can't rush perfection. 💁 Tap the link in bio to see the eyeliner looks we can't get enough of right now.

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8. And yes, we DO need all 7 shades of pink-nude lipstick.

And don't listen to anyone that tries to tell you otherwise. 💄 How many lipsticks do you own? Tell us in the comments!

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7. Some people collect stamps, others collect eye shadow palettes.

And no, I don't have a problem.

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6. It’s practically a love letter to yourself, from yourself.

And the ones from, of course. 😉 Tap the link in the bio to sign up now!

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5. It can happen to you.

When bad things happen to good eye makeup. 😂

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4. Let’s discuss our future while swatching lipstick at the makeup counter.

We're easy-going ... until that eye shadow palette we've been waiting for all year sells out in 11 minutes.

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3. All black everything.


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2. We couldn’t commit to this even if we tried.

*Proceeds to buy 8th nude lipstick when we haven't opened the other 7.*

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Round of 🙌 if you get separation anxiety on the days you skip makeup. Powered by L'Oréal.

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“Makeup” your own beauty quote and share it with us in the comments below!


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