With all of our makeup tutorials at your disposal, we’re sure you’ve perfected the cat eye look by now.

But are you ready for the reverse cat eye? Here we pair gold mascara with black eyeliner to turn the classic cat eye upside down! Continue reading for the full makeup tutorial.

Reverse Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial

Step 1. Line Your Upper Eyelids

Using an angled brush and gel liner, draw a bold cat eye along your top lash line, winging it just slightly. We recommend NYX Gel Liner and Smudger.

Step 2. Line Your Lower Eyelids

Now for the tricky part: Do the same along your lower lashline, however the wing should face the inner corner of your eye and be more pronounced now. Just be patient—application of black eyeliner requires practice (and makeup remover and Q-Tips, of course)!

Step 3. Apply Mascara to Top & Bottom Lashes

Apply a few coats of black mascara to your top lashes and gold mascara to your bottom lashes for an eye makeup look that’s Cleopatra meets Great Gatsby.





Are you planning to try out this eye makeup look at home? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo: Jessica Schramm

Model: Jackie Viscusi 

Makeup: Diana Alba 

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