Simcha Whitehill Oct 16, 2012
I’m Simcha Whitehill, but I’m better known as Miss Pop, a New York City-based nail artist. Every other week I’ll be breaking down the technique behind a must-have manicure. Some looks will be chic and easy and some may require a practiced hand (or a little patience!). Either way, it's all about having fun. I do nail art for one reason. Love.  There’s the French manicure and the reverse French manicure. There's the half-moon manicure and, now, the reverse half-moon manicure. The original half-moon design is an elegant classic made famous by flappers. But paint the same accent shape at the tip of your nail, instead of at its base, and you have a totally fresh look that’s simple to achieve and so chic that even Jessica Biel has worn it on the red carpet. In fact, if you’re a little heavy-handed when you try to give yourself a French manicure, you’re going to be a natural at getting this glamorous nail art. What you need: How to do it: Step 1: Paint your nails with a base coat. This step seems like no big deal, but a base coat can make or break your manicure. It helps your polish last longer, it prevents chipping, it helps the color pop and, most important, it protects your nails from staining. Step 2: Apply two layers of the color nail polish of your choice. We used Essie Nail Polish in Lady Like not just because we have supremely good manners, but also because it’s a lovely mauve that's perfect for commemorating October's National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You can use whatever color you like, even black, because metallic polish can magically cover all other colors. Step 3: Once your color nail polish is dry, take out your metallic nail polish. I recommend choosing one that looks gritty in the bottle, like Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish in Stardust, because just one coat will provide ample coverage. Wipe the brush against the rim of the bottle until there is a bead of polish on it. If you have oval nails, you want to cover the whole free edge to get more of a full-moon look. But if you have square or round nails, you want to keep about 30 percent of the tip of your nail free of metallic polish. So start with the brush a tad in from the side and, using a natural circular gesture with your wrist, swipe it across the tip of each nail. Allow your gorgeous handiwork to dry. Tip: If you’re feeling a little brush-shy, you can do this look in reverse. Paint your nails with two coats of the metallic polish. Once dry, apply a paper-hole reinforcement to each tip. You want the reinforcement to lay in a centered position about halfway down each nail. Then paint two coats of the color polish up to the reinforcement. Once that completely dries, peel off the reinforcement. Step 4: Apply a layer of top coat and you’ve got glamour at your fingertips in no time.




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