Nude lipstick — an ultimate staple in every girl’s beauty bag. Despite its status as an essential, there’s often some frustration involved in finding “the one.” Whether or not this classic hue flatters your complexion is entirely dependent on finding the right shade for your skin tone. Check out these tips on how to make nude a regular in your lipstick collection.

Nude Lipstick by Skin Tone

Fair Skin Tones

When looking for the perfect nude lipstick, fair skin tones should opt for a sheer shade with dusty-pink undertones. A translucent hue with just a touch of color will bring life to your complexion without overpowering it! Just be sure to steer clear of flat nudes or shades with yellow undertones as they can wash you out and make your skin look dull.  

Product Recommendations: Giorgio Armani Rouge D’Armani Sheer Lipstick, Skin Lacquers Collection in #504, YSL Volupté Sheet Candy in Juicy Grapefruit

Medium Skin Tones

When shopping for a nude lippie, medium skin tones should look for hues with peach or pink undertones that are either slightly lighter or darker than your natural complexion. Anything too close in color will blend in with your skin tone ... and not in a good way.

Product Recommendations:
NYX Matte Lipstick in Nude, Lancôme Rouge in Love in Jolis Matins

Olive Skin Tones

Olive skin tones pair perfectly with caramel- or taupe-toned shades. Avoid nudes that are lighter than your complexion, or you could risk looking like you’re wearing concealer as lipstick!

Product Recommendations: Lancôme Color Design in Natural Beauty, Maybelline Color Sensational The Buffs in Touchable Taupe

Dark Skin Tones

Chocolate nudes are a flattering choice for darker skin tones. Try a shade with a shimmery finish, as it adds dimension to lips without making the color look flat.

Product Recommendations: L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Lipcolour in Sunwash 857, Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor in Bronzed

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