Makeup bag running amok? Losing things to the bottom of your vanity bag only to find them broken, crushed or (gasp!) expired? In fact, it might even be time to retire that pouch altogether if the bottom resembles a murky shade of your bronzer. Organizing that overwhelming makeup mess, however, is simply a matter of getting focused and organized — let’s get started!

organize your makeup bag
1. Dump it ALL out!

On the counter, of course. Step back and survey the accumulation of products, samples, brushes, empty boxes and things that don’t belong. 

2. Bring in a clean up crew.

By crew, we mean gentle disinfectant wipes. Before wiping up those makeup cases and bottles, remove all of the non-makeup items you’ve collected over time and put them aside (you can organize your bobby pins and chic headbands another time).

Sharpen your pencils and put the caps back on your liners; toss out all those makeup covered Q-tips and dirty spoolies; trash your dried-out products (seriously, do it already!); and make a pile of goodies your friends can keep — like those free mini-lipstick samples that just don’t work for you.

3. Divide and conquer.

Sort your stuff into categories such as face, eyes, lips and beauty tools (brushes, sponges, lash curler). If your cute makeup bag has separate compartments, assign a separate pocket to each category, so you know where to find things in a pinch! Otherwise, neatly layer your essentials based on their importance to you. If you don’t wear eye shadow or lipstick everyday, keep them at the bottom and stack your daily faves like mascara, blush and foundation/primers at the very top!

Too much makeup? No problem! Round up all of your beauty bags  and designate each one to a different category: brushes, foundations and BB creams, blush and bronzer. See if you don’t feel like a new woman when your little makeup project is done!

What are some of your tips to keeping your makeup bag clean and neat? Share in the comments below!  

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