Are you sitting down? If not, we recommend you find somewhere to do so before reading any further – we’re about to drop a bombshell. You know your trusty bobby pins? Those little things you use to hold all your intricate ‘dos in place? Well, you’re using them wrong. We’ll give you a moment to collect yourself. If you feel like you did when you first found out you could curl your hair with a straightener, we feel you. This is one of those nuggets of information that might just change your beauty routine forever. Intrigued? Shocked? Annoyed at us for not sharing the trick already? Keep reading…
 right way to use bobby pins  
Give ‘em Grip
This trick is a game-changer for fine-haired ladies: spray your bobby pins with hairspray. That’s right – your go-to styling product is a match made in heaven with these little pins. Coating your bobby pins with a layer of hairspray will transform them into “sticky pins” and give them a better grip when you slide them into that carefully styled bouffant braid. If you don’t want to spray them individually, you can place your bobby pins on a paper towel, spray, then pick up the paper towel on the edges and give them a little shake to distribute the product evenly. Then, just pin away!

Get Flipped
We weren’t sure we were ready for our worlds to be turned upside down either – but now that we’ve seen the light, there’s no going back. You know the ridged side of bobby pins? That part should actually face towards your scalp. The wavy texture allows it to grip your hair better and prevent it from sliding out. By flipping your bobby pins, the smooth side will also blend in better with your hair — perfect when creating a chic chignon or any other sleek style. We know, we know…Mind. Blown. Still skeptical? Give it a whirl — we guarantee you’ll notice a difference!

Did we just blow your mind? Have you ever tried these bobby pin tricks?
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