Flower crowns, flower print, flower jewels, flower … nails? We’ve got blossoms on the mind as spring approaches, and what better way to welcome the season with open arms than by donning fresh blooms on our digits? A bouquet of roses is nice, but an array of them on our nails is just as swoon-worthy in our humble beauty-obsessed opinions. Read on to find out how to create this romantic rosebud manicure. It’s easier than it looks, we promise!

rosebud manicure 


Toothpick essie Bikini So Teeny essie Style Hunter essie Resort Fling essie Shake Your $$ Maker


1. For your base, paint two coats of a sky blue nail polish like essie Bikini So Teeny.

Take a red nail polish (we used essie Style Hunter) and create dots of varying sizes all over your nail. They don’t have to be perfect — in fact, the less perfect the edges, the more flower-like they will appear.

Pour a small amount of peach nail polish like essie Resort Fling onto a piece of paper. Taking your toothpick, dab it in the color and use it to draw two squiggles over each red dot. This creates texture and will give your rosebuds its “petals.”

Pour a small amount of green nail polish (we used essie Shake Your $$ Maker) onto a piece of paper and dab the other end of your toothpick in it to pick up the color. Draw two small triangular shapes on the sides of each of your rosebuds. These are your leaves.   And there you have it — gorgeous floral nails just begging to be worn on a breezy spring day!  

Have you ever tried a rosebud manicure? What’s your favorite manicure for spring? Sound off in the comments!    

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