rmalhotra Nov 23, 2011
Haircut gone wrong? No need to hide out under a hat or sport a ponytail for the next six months. Instead, follow these tips to temporarily disguise a less than cute style. Complain: “It can take a few days for your hair to settle into a new cut,” says Kate Seguin, a stylist at the Marie Robinson salon in New York City. “Give it a few days.” If you’re still not happy after a week, call your stylist and politely explain the problem. Be specific! If your bangs are uneven or there are too many layers around your face, he or she may be able to easily fix the problem. Or, if you’re having trouble blow-drying or styling, she can give you a quick tutorial for free. “Your stylist wants to keep your business, so don’t be afraid to tell them you are unsatisfied,” Seguin says. Experiment: Now might be a good time to play with some new tools. That bob might look extra flat when you apply your go-to straightening iron, but instantly boho-chic after wrapping a couple of strands around a curling iron. If your cut is a major change, ask your stylist for some tips on products and tools to help make it look its best. Accessorize: “Bobby pins, jeweled barrettes, and headbands are your new best friends,” says Seguin. You can quickly get rid of bangs or create a textured, messy updo by sliding in a few pretty accessories. “Look to shorter-haired celebrities like Diane Krueger for inspiration,” Seguin adds.   Fake it: Nearly everyone in Hollywood relies on extensions to quickly create volume and length. You can find inexpensive versions at the drugstore and add them to your hair to help disguise a too-short do. Find pieces that match your hair color and texture exactly, or are just one shade lighter to create dimension, and attach them to the underside so they are not visible to the naked eye. Create a chignon or long, sleek ponytail, and you’re set!


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