Angela Melero May 20, 2015

You’ve seen millions of eyebrow tutorials, purchased every pencil, gel and powder in existence, and still your brows can’t seem to reach that perfect level of fullness. Even if the rest of your brows are penciled and shaded to perfection, you still manage to get those patchy bare areas that give away your true thin brow existence. Is it time to throw in the towel and accept your bare brow lot in life? Heck no! You deserve to channel your inner Cara Delevingne whenever you want, and we’ve got the key to success in one little, unexpected beauty product. We guarantee you didn’t see this tip coming. Check out our trick to full and fabulous brows!

How to Get Fuller Brows

Step 1. Brush out your clean, untouched brows with a small brow brush or spoolie (click here if you don’t know what a spoolie is yet). Make sure to trim any long or wayward hairs so the brows are as cleaned-up as possible.

Step 2. Using an angled brow brush, pat some concealer (try NYX Cosmetics Concealer Jar in Porcelain) on sparse areas on the brows. Allow a minute or so for the concealer to set.

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Step 3. Go over the concealer-coated areas with brow powder (try Urban Decay Brow Box). If the area is still looking bare and needs some more love, repeat the concealer-then-powder process until the area blends well with the rest of the brows. Fill in the rest of your brows as needed until you get the full shape desired. For good measure, run a spoolie through your brows one last time to get all the hairs in place.

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Photo: Lauren Rote
Model: Samantha Chambers



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