Recently, new holidays are popping up as a bit of a surprise — like Strawberry Ice Cream Day, Squirrel Appreciation Day and Thank Your Mailman Day, all of which are pretty random but apparently completely real. One that we just discovered and have reason to freak out about is called Free Face Mask Friday and it may or may not have been made up by Sephora. Either way, we’re always looking to grow our skin care collection, so we ‘aint mad.

Free Face Mask Friday is — you guessed it — exactly what it sounds like. Head to your local Sephora today, and you’ll receive a free Sephora Collection face mask along with a free moisture hydration reading. In other words, a Sephora sales associate will use a device to tell if your skin is dry, oily or normal and recommend skincare products to you (including the right face mask) based on the results. After this mini science experiment, you’ll be granted a free Sephora Collection Rose or Pearl face mask to help you prep your skin for your celebratory Friday night out, or to enjoy as you Netflix-binge your heart out this weekend. Tip: Don’t tell anyone about this steal until you get your hands on one yourself. We have a feeling they won’t last long.


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