Jan 13, 2015

The sexy starlet possesses a playful yet mature je nais se quoi. Her throaty French accent and teasing seduction have men lusting after her and women wanting to be her. Channel your inner siren with these simple tips.

starlet look

This slightly undone look conveys a sense of glamorous insouciance. Her voluminous bed head only looks better as it gets messier, and her pouty pink lips and Riviera-drenched tan only enhance her seductive powers.

Who Should Recreate It

This look is for the woman who appreciates a beauty routine that’s not too precious. After the initial application and styling, the sexy starlet is relatively low-maintenance.

How to Get the Look

Get big, roughed-up curls with hot rollers or a curling iron, volumizing dry shampoo, and texture-adding salt spray. (Try Matrix Total Results Amplify Wonder Boost Root LifterL’Oréal Paris Professional Fresh Dust dry shampoo and Kérastase Spray À Porter for the right look.) Backcomb at the crown of the head, then messily pin up the top and sides, or pile it all on top in a sexy messy bun.

On the face, bronze skin with an all-over bronzer, like Lancôme Paris Star Bronzer, and pair with pink lips. We love NYX Cosmetics Slim Lip Pencil in Nude Pink. Create a winged eyeliner look, but only on the upper lids. Smudges are ok; this look gets even better the morning after.

What’s your favorite beauty trick for a seductive look? Share in the comments 

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