Karina Giglio Dec 22, 2011
Sometimes I think about where I’d be if concealer had never been invented, and I can tell you—I would be at home, like a shut-in, all the time. After all, who wants to (willingly) leave the house with zombie-like undereye circles, or a raging red zit that screams “hey, look at me! It’s that time of the month!”? Don’t get me wrong--while I covet the latest lip glosses and shimmery shadows, they’re nowhere close to everyday essentials. It’s like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid: If you don’t have food and water, you’re not worried about what shoes you’ll be wearing today. And if I didn’t have concealer to hide what makeup artists so kindly refer to as “imperfections,” I wouldn’t dare play with all the fun stuff that just serves to emphasize those areas of the face that often need a bit of airbrushing. Here are the three that you’ll find tucked in my makeup bag, car console—even in my nightstand when my husband and I were early in our dating days, and I was still unwilling to go completely barefaced: For allover use: I absolutely love, love, love Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage. The kit has two colors, so you can blend the right tone. This is definitely one that you pack on vacation, because if you get some sun, you don’t need to worry about it being too light (and vice versa in the winter). Plus, if you need to cover up a blemish on your chest or back, you can mix the right color for that too. For undereye circles: Nars Concealer: For the first six weeks of my son’s life, this stick concealer was perhaps the only thing that kept me from looking like the undead. It provides just the right amount of coverage for the eye area—not too thin, not too thick, and not matte or cakey to make your crow’s feet look even worse. It melts into skin beautifully and lasts all day, with no lines of demarcation. For blemishes: Sometimes my skin acts like a 16 year-old's, and not in a good way. Suffice it to say, I’ve probably spent enough on zit concealers to fund a cure for acne. My hands-down favorite is Clinique Advanced Concealer. It’s not the least bit greasy, covers even the angriest pimples, and the dark spots they often leave behind. Now it's your turn. What's your favorite flaw-fixing concealer?


About the Author:Karina Giglio is a lifestyle, beauty and health writer whose work has appeared in numerous national publications including Women’s Health, Washingtonian, Ladies Home Journal, OK!, Allure, Fitness, Marie Claire, Bride’s and The New York Post. She was a regular contributor to makeup.com, and her articles and blog posts can be found on prevention.com, dailyglow.com, yahoo.com and huffingtonpost.com. Karina has worked onstaff at Cosmopolitan and YM, as well as being part of the original Sephora.com launch team

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