Jun 5, 2012 Kristen Oldham

She Nailed It: Chrome Accent Nail

If you're tired of wearing the same ol' solid nail polish color but aren't ready to experiment with nail art, try painting just one of your nails a different shade. That's what stay-at-home mom Heather Sheppard did to break out of her rut. Here's how she did it.
  • Step 1: Apply a base coat. Try: Zoya Anchor Base Coat.
  • Step 2: Paint two coats of a pinkish lavender shade on all but your ring fingers. Try: OPI Nail Lacquer in Lucky Lucky Lavender.
  • Step 3: Paint two coats of a silver nail polish on your ring fingers. Try: CND Colour in Silver Chrome.
What's your solution to a nail polish rut?


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