Kristen Oldham Apr 24, 2012
Not an artist? No sweat. You can still create this eye-catching nail art with a simple little tool called tape. Nail polish blogger Marisa of Polish Obsession admits that she's "not a very good artist in general," but that hasn't stopped her from experimenting with nail art. Her favorite method is doing a tape manicure because with "a bit of patience and practice, this is an easy way to have a beautiful manicure that looks like it took a lot of work," she says. This graphic grey and sparkly pink design she created is totally doable for nail art novices. Simply follow the steps that Marisa used to create the look on her own nails…
  • Step 2: Paint on two coats of OPI Nail Lacquer in DS Reserve and let your nails fully dry. Marisa was already wearing this shade so it was completely dry, but if you're freshly painting your nails with it, give it a full hour—this will prevent the tape from ruining your polish.
  • Step 3: "Cut the tape [she used good ol' Scotch tape] in the shape of a long, skinny triangle and place it diagonally on the nail," says Marisa. You'll place it right on top of the sparkly pink. "It's important that the tape is completely secure on the nail so the polish doesn't bleed under it," she adds. So press it firmly onto your nail.
  • Step 4: Once your tape is secure, paint one coat of dark grey polish (try Sonia Kashuk Nail Colour Blank Slate) over the sparkly pink. "I find that when you do two or more coats of the second color, it's too thick and the manicure doesn't look as smooth and even," so stick to one.
  • Step 5: Remove the tape immediately to reveal the triangle strips of pink underneath. Let the polish dry and you're done!
 Have you tried a tape manicure?


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