Kristen Oldham Apr 11, 2012
You've tried bedazzling your nails with rhinestones and even attempted to adorn them with lace, but have you tried dressing them up in feathers? If the answer is no, this nail look is for you. Using an at-home gel manicure kit, you can gorgeously encase a feather onto each of your nails. Well, that's if you follow these steps from manicurist Elle who created this look on one of her friends. Though this isn't easy for a nail novice to achieve, those of you who do have some experience with at-home gel kits or nail art will find it totally doable. Here's the scoop on how to get this unique and totally wearable look.
  • Step 1: Find feathers you love at a craft store like Michaels (that's where Elle found these beauties). Cut nail-sized pieces of the feather for each nail and set aside.
  • Step 2: Using an at-home LED gel manicure kit like Red Carpet Manicure, follow the included nail prepping steps followed by the initial base gel coat. Cure that first layer.
  • Step 3: Paint on a layer of sheer gold sparkling gel color (Elle used CND Shellac in Gold VIP Status) and cure that layer.
  • Step 4: Place a feather piece (or have a friend help you place the feather) on each nail.
  • Step 5: Immediately place a piece of plastic (Ziploc bag plastic will work perfectly) over the feather and pull it taut in order to seal it onto your nail. Paint a coat of Brilliant Top Coat (from the kit) over the plastic and hold the plastic tight (or have a friend hold it) as you cure that layer. "Make sure you wrap it really tight as it's curing so it really encases it and keeps it flat," says Elle.
  • Step 6: Trim the excess plastic and paint a second coat of Brilliant Top Coat over the plastic. Cure that layer.
  • Step 7: "If you have any feathers sticking through…it will happen," says Elle, gently buff them away and then finish with the final top coat. Cure that top coat.
If feathers aren't your thing, Elle says to try encasing things like "glitter, lace, dried flowers or nail tattoos." Experiment, have fun and know that your effort won't go unnoticed. And, if you encase these items in a gel manicure, it'll last about three weeks, which is a pretty sweet reward for the hard work. Would you rock a feather manicure?


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