Kristen Oldham Jun 26, 2012
Tie-dye tees? No thanks. Tie-dye nails? Yes please. The sherbert hues of this ombré manicure make it more boho beautiful than '60s throwback. Here's the scoop on how to create this perfect summertime nail art. What you need:
  • Base coat. Try: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Polish in Cleared for Take Off.
  • White nail polish. Try: Essie Nail Color in Blanc.
  • Scotch tape.
  • Neon pink nail polish. Try: Milani Neon Nail Lacquer in Pink Rocks!
  • Neon green nail polish. Try: China Glaze Poolside Nail Polish in Kiwi Cool-Ada.
  • Neon yellow nail polish. Try: Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Rare.
  • Paper plate.
  • Makeup wedge sponge.
  • Top coat. Try: CND Air Dry Top Coat.
How to do it: Step 1: Swipe your nails with a clear base coat. Then apply two coats of white polish and let them fully dry. This will help the neon shades really stand out. Tape the skin around your nails to protect them from the neon polish. Tip: You can skip this step if you want to use a brush and nail polish remover to clean up excess polish once you're done creating the look. Step 2: Paint a generous amount of each of the neon shades onto a paper plate. The colors should overlap slightly. Dip the makeup sponge into the pool of neon nail lacquers. Step 3: Press the polish-soaked makeup sponge on your white nails. It should seem like you're stamping the lacquer onto your nails. Step 4: Let your nails dry, and then finish with a clear top coat. What do you think of this tie-dye manicure?


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