Kristen Oldham May 22, 2012

If you're ready to graduate from basic nail art, try a water marble design. It may look difficult, but creator of the look Jodi Davis says it simply takes "patience and practice." Here, she shares how to create her latest masterpiece. What you need:
  • Base and top coat. Try: Essie 3-way Glaze.
  • Lavender nail polish. Try: OPI Nail Lacquer in Do You Lilac It?
  • Dark purple nail polish. Try: Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Deep Purple.
  • Bright blue nail polish. Try: Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color Blue Me Away!
  • Room temperature water.
  • Small cup like a Dixie cup, shot glass, or votive holder.
  • Toothpicks.
  • Scotch tape.
  • Q-tips.
  • Paper towel.
  • Orange wood stick.
  • Nail polish remover.
How to do it:
  • Step 1: Swipe on one layer of base coat.
  • Step 2: Apply two coats of the lavender nail polish, allowing nails to dry completely.
  • Step 3: Fill your small cup with water.
  • Step 4: Scotch tape an inch or two of the top half of the first finger you want to create your design on so that only your nail is exposed.
  • Step 5: Add alternating drops of each nail polish color to your cup of water to create a "bulls-eye" design. Continue adding polish drops until the lacquer spreads and touches the edges of your cup. Tip: If the nail polish isn't completely touching the edges, use an orange wooden stick to gently pull it to the borders of the cup.
  • Step 6: Drag the toothpick from the outer edges of the cup to the center to create a unique design. Tip: "It's important to wipe your toothpick on a paper towel after you remove it from the water each time," adds Davis.
  • Step 7: Dip your taped nail into the cup of polish. Hold it there, and using your opposite hand, glide a Q-tip over the surface of the water around your nail to collect and discard the remaining polish.
  • Step 8: Remove your finger from the water then repeat steps 4-7 on each nail.
  • Step 9: Remove the tape from your fingers and use a Q-tip soaked in nail polish remover to clean up any polish that made its way onto your skin.
  • Step 10: Let your nails dry for about an hour, and finish with top coat.
Have you tried water marble nail art? How did it turn out?


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