Shimmer is a lovely concept, but one that needs to be handled with care. A light touch brings out a beautiful glow, but a heavy hand and you’ll end up looking like a Cirque du Soleil performer. Not a good look unless you're doing backflips on a tightrope! Here are a few shimmer mistakes to avoid.

shimmery powder

Go Easy on the Eyes

Shimmer eye shadow is great, but one coat is usually enough; two is probably overkill. For a shimmery smoky eye, try Maybelline Eye Studio Color Pearls Marbleized Eyeshadow in Carbon Frost, which gives a nice sheen without looking meteoric.

Choose Your Shimmer Shade Wisely

Choose shimmer powders that match the color of your eyes and your skin tone. Warm tones work well on darker skin, while cool shades, like light pinks and blues, are great for fairer skins.

Blend, Blend

Apply a light amount of shimmer with a generous brush, and remember to blend well so the shimmer doesn't look superficial.

Pick One Spot

There's no need to shine from chin to brow. Let one feature shimmer at a time. One fun idea is to apply shimmer only on the outer corner of your eyes. Lovely!

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