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  • Almond Cookie Frappé Body Lotion

    "One of the Best...Love the lotion...Since it has been out of stock I decided to try something similar, it does not leave my skin feeling as smooth and moisturized as I am used too....I absolutely love this product, the smell, the texture is not watered down, and it's a nice feel to skin"

    Almond Cookie Frappé Body Lotion

  • Deluxe Hand & Body Lotion with Aloe Vera & Oatmeal

    "Love it!...I really like the Coriander....Overall, an effective lightweight lotion with a lovely fragrance ( anyone you choose!)...Plus it is so soft on my sensitive skin, it absorbs very well and does not irritate it, I love it some much that I went and purchased the shower gel online today and bought a second bottle of lotion to keep at the office!"

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  • Ecstasy Frappé Body Lotion

    "Ecstasy Frappe lotion...My fave!...Magnificent.,Marvelous,and Delightful!...I love the scent and I like the way it feels on my skin."


  • Creme de Corps Light-Weight Body Lotion

    "It was the most perfect body lotion....I will purchase again....Great but....why have you discontinued this with the SPF???...I love how light this product was and how soft it made my skin."

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  • Musk Lotion

    "Nice compliment to the Musk Body Wash...good stuff...I love the musk in whichever form it comes in....Good Stuff!"

    This luxurious, yet lightweight body lotion is instantly absorbed to provide superb moisturization for enduring softness. Skin is left silky-smooth and sensuously fragranced with the distinctly modern scent that is Kiehl's Original Musk.

  • Aromatic Blends Hand & Body Lotion

    "It blends in quickly, does the job....Not a big floral fan, but I like this!...It has a slightly sweet but clean fragrance that is not too strong, like the beach on a warm summer day in the islands....This is my favourite scent and my skin is so nice and soft."

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  • Superbly Restorative Argan Body Lotion

    This lightweight, readily-absorbed lotion helps to restore softness and tonicity for radiant, healthy-looking skin. Blended with Moroccan Argan Oil and Argan Leaf Extract, our naturally-preserved formula is enriched with antioxidants and essential fatty acids to help optimally hydrate and reinforce skin's defenses against free-radical damage and help to improve skin's texture and tone.

  • Creme de Corps

    "Best ever...LOVE IT!!...It is perfectly fine, but I have found drugstore-brand moisturizers that are as good or better for a fraction of the price, so I just do not think it is worth it....This moisturizer works great on my skin were I have had multiple radiation treatments, specifically my left side chest wall, upper back, shoulder, arm, leg and foot where this area tends to be drier than my right side."

    Superb All-Over Body Moisturizer of Superb Quality for extremely dry, or flaking skin. Enriched with the finest ingredients known to Kiehl's, for a rich, elegant skin texture. Continued use for 10 days will provide a skin texture heretofore unattainable. Qualité Internationale!

  • Ultimate Strength Hand Salve

    "I love it!...Love this one...As a nurse I'm constantly washing my hands and not only are they always dry and cracked they are very sensitive and burn if certain lotions/creams are applied....I tried cheaper products and very very expensive ones and most of time nothing works and the ones that show any effectiveness cost a fortune and with how much I use it simply is not worth it since none are actually 100% effective."

    Formulated for the driest, most active hands, this heavy-duty moisture treatment is a thick, rich formula offering all-day care and protection. Our blend of select ingredients allows skin to actually draw and absorb water from the air, forming a "glove-like" protective barrier against moisture loss. This formula, which contains a blend of botanical oils as well as natural wax derived from Olives Oil, further soothes, moisturizes and conditions skin. This most effective preparation helps protect against and repair the appearance of severe dryness caused by heavy industrial work, manual labor, neglect, or exposure to harsh elements.

  • Love Butter Body Balm

    "Great Balm!!...LOVE IT!!!!!!...I usually buy two at a time (with my membership), and as soon as I start to get low on my 2nd, I reorder so that I do not have to worry about going without at any time....This product has an excellent fragrance and I love the way that it stay on your skin all day long to keep it granddaughter asked to use the product one day and now it is her staple product as well."


  • Almond Cookie Body Butter

    "simply great...I am in love...I love the way it smells, I love the way it feels, I love the shine it brings to my skin, and I could not be happier!...I love this product and it has remained as nice with regards to quality as it as always been."


  • Ecstasy Body Butter

    "This was a great deal....Great As Always!!!...What a remarkable surprise to discover so much more in this product line!...I love how the product feels on my skin after morning shower and especially the scent lasts all day!"


  • All Over Balm

    "Wonderful balm...All over goodness!...I typically use it under my eyes, and anywhere I have dry skin and it has helped so much!...This stuff is great for hands, knees, elbows... anywhere that has a tendency to get dry during the workday."

    Treat yourself to our all-purpose body balm infused with natural oils and enticing scents. Just one drop of our nourishing balm revives skin making you feel and look radiant.

  • Pomegranate Rose Body Cream

    "Glad I tried this......Feels great on my skin....Great on dry skin...Keeps my skin soft and smooth!"

    Pomegranate Rose Body Cream

  • Richly Hydrating Scented Hand Cream

    "So Good...Want More!...I personally love the grapefruit version....I personally love the grapefruit version....Favorite hand cream as of 'now'"

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  • Mom & Baby Moisturizing Cream

    "I love the way this makes my body feel....It's definitely worth each dollar spent!...This is the most wonderful baby lotion that I've used on my little one....Also, you get 6 ounces for 19.00 dollars so it is a great value."

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  • Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter

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  • Creme de Corps Packette Sample

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  • Activated Sun Protector™ Water-Light Lotion For Face & Body

    Cooling and Refreshing Weightless Defense