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  • Pro Dual Brow Brush

    "I love it!...Really good...I borrowed my friend's product liked it went out and bought my own...Bought this brush a week ago to use with the nyx brow gel and it works amazing gives a very clean eyebrow look"

    Gear up like a pro and add your own expert touch to every look with the NYX Professional Makeup Pro Dual Brow Brush – a dual-ended brow brush that features an angled cut brush for precision application with cream or powder products and a spoolie brush for blending and shaping. Made with synthetic fibers.

  • Naked Flushed Double-Ended Brush

    "Love it!...Great Brush!...The blush end, picks up the product wonderfully no extra work involved and applies the product wonderfully as well....This product is amazing, I bought one from ulta in the beginning of the year, and it is so simple and easy to use for bronzer and highlighter , I love it the best brush I have ever used"

    Flawlessly apply bronzer, highlighter and blush with this double-ended brush—designed just for Naked Flushed.

  • Total Control Drop Foundation Brush

    "Love it!...Love this!...It is great for the total control drop foundation but it still would probably work great with any other foundation!...It's great for building coverage with my nyx total drop foundation and it lays it on my face evenly and flawlessly"

    Take your complexion from flat to fierce using the Total Control Drop Foundation Brush. Designed to blend Total Control Drop Foundation beautifully, our ultra-soft and flexible brush reaches every part of that gorgeous face. This angled synthetic brush curves inward slightly, which allows it to fit around the natural curves of the face and in those hard to reach spots.

  • Naked Basics Double-Ended Brush

    "Love it....I love it...The edges of the brush can be used to apply a dark shade within your crease or as a top liner using eyeshadow....I love that this was included with my Naked 2 palette, it's a great brush and I use it all the time!"

    Purchase Naked Basics on Urban Decay official boutique. Exclusive luxury products available with secure online payment

  • Foundation Brush #2

    "Great brush...Good brush....A must have, this brush gives a nice finish w/unrivaled blending ability....This brush helps me to apply my liquid foundation evenly to every place on my face and it saves me on product."

    This easy-to-clean, synthetic bristled brush is the perfect partner to all liquid foundations. The tapered edge blends liquid makeup for a natural, even look. Brush hairs are softer, and have a more graduated tip for even, controlled blending. How to use: Apply a small amount of liquid foundation onto the back of your hand. Using the flat side of the brush, apply to areas that need coverage, beginning in the area between the nose and cheek. Turn the brush over and, without adding any additional product, finish blending with downward strokes. Repeat the process on the rest of the face. Backstage Beauty Tip: Use one side to apply the foundation and keep the other side “clean” of product to blend. If you can’t see the grey bristles, you have too much foundation on your brush!

  • UD PRO Contour Shapeshifter Brush

    "Very Nice...In Love...I watched the you tube video and was impressed so purchased....The fan end of the brush is soft and airy... the bristles are not packed tightly, so it picks up a small amount of powder, allowing for buildable coverage."

    Purchase UD PRO on Urban Decay official boutique. Exclusive luxury products available with secure online payment

  • Pro Blending Brush

    "I highly recommend....Best blending brush!...My all time favorite blending brush is the Sigma E40, but this brush is definitely giving it a run for its money and the price males it more affordable....I bought this brush about a month ago, because I like to really pack in my eyeshadow so that when I blend, the pigmentation is still obvious (but not harsh)."

    Gear up like a pro and add your own expert touch to every look with the NYX Professional Makeup Pro Blending Brush – a long, rounded brush that is perfect for effortlessly blending bold, shimmery shadows for a soft focus effect. Made with synthetic fibers.

  • Pro Fan Brush

    "I can't wait to use it every morning!...Love this Brush!...I use it for highlighter because I love an intense highlight...She asked for this brush specifically because it does not lose it's bristles."

    Gear up like a pro and add your own expert touch to every look with the NYX Professional Makeup Pro Fan Brush – a dense, velvety brush for creating a flawless, smooth full coverage finish. Creates a no makeup look without streaking. Also works great with powders to give an effortless highlight on the highest points of the face. Made with synthetic fibers.

  • Pro Multi-Purpose Buffing Brush

    "I love it!!!...Everyone loved them, super soft and personalized....This brush is great for applying liquid foundation....The brush itself also has a really nice weight to it and it doesn't feel cheap and I'ven't had any problems with the brush shedding."

    Gear up like a pro and add your own expert touch to every look with the NYX Professional Makeup Pro Multi-Purpose Buffing Brush – the perfect brush to blend and buff cream or powder for a seamless and smooth finish. Made with synthetic fibers.

  • Pro Dual Fiber Foundation Brush

    "I think this brush is GREAT!!...New favorite brush...Blends everything so smoothly."

    Gear up like a pro and add your own expert touch to every look with the NYX Professional Makeup Pro Dual Fiber Foundation Brush – a soft, full brush perfect for an easy application of liquid foundations for a flawless airbrushed finish. This multi-purpose brush can also be used with loose or pressed Powders! Lightly sweep and blend for nice, even coverage. Made with synthetic fibers.

  • Pro Angled Brush

    "One of the best brushes I have used...Matter of fact you knew this was the bomb from the beginning....I got this as a free gift with a $30 purchase and I absolutely love it!"

    Gear up like a pro and add your own expert touch to every look with the NYX Professional Makeup Pro Angled Brush – a stiff, angled brush that is ideal for outlining, shading and correcting the shape of brows. Also doubles as an angled eyeliner brush. Made with synthetic fibers.

  • Powder Brush #1

    "I love using this brush for applying my loose powder....great brush...I really love this brush....It's a great make up tool, must have."

    This full, natural-bristled brush is the ideal partner to all powders. The improved design and hair quality reduces fall‑out, and the new rounded shape provides better powder application. How to use: Dip the brush into the powder and remove excess. Sweep the brush around the perimeter of the face and back toward the hairline. Finish with downward strokes, including the t‑zone. Backstage Beauty Tip: If you have dry skin, target powder application to t-zone area only.

  • Highlighting Brush #3

    "I use it for foundation and works wonderfully....Love the airbrush results....I've also used it for highlighting shimmer powder and it worked great with that too....They take forever to clean and I was rinsing away more than I was actually putting on my face."

    This unique brush features synthetic and natural bristles for versatile effects. Provides the lightest application of highlighters, blush and face powders for a flawless, professional look. Denser brush hairs absorb more product for applying color, or buffing off excess pigments. How to use: For color or highlighter application: Dip bristled head into powder and tap off excess. Use as a traditional powder or blush brush, either in sweeping strokes towards the temples, or in a circular motion on the apples of cheeks. For softening or buffing effect: First ensure brush is free of color. Using bristle tips only – blend with gentle, circular strokes. Backstage Beauty Tip: Use to apply foundation for an airbrushed effect. Always pick up a small amount of product from the back of your hand to avoid layering on too much product.

  • Pro Powder Brush

    "This brush is so great....My new favorite!!...It is also light weight and easy to clean I would recommend this brush to every one I know....I have two of these and I love them."

    Gear up like a pro and add your own expert touch to every look with the NYX Professional Makeup Pro Powder Brush – a soft, full brush made perfect for an easy application of loose or pressed powders. Lightly sweep and blend for nice, even coverage. Made with synthetic fibers.

  • Cheek & Contour Brush #25

    "So happy with my purchase!...I do recommend this brush!...It deposits the blush, bronzer, etc. right where you place the brush....It is made very well and I love having 2 ends to use."

    This versatile, dual-ended natural-hair brush is the ideal partner to contour the face and create a customized, naturally sculpted look. The flat, oval shape gently lays product on the skin, while the flat circular tip gives a precise application. Backstage Beauty Tips: • To sculpt & slim the face, use the flat, circular tip and apply product from the top of the cheekbone, and blend downward in a sweeping motion, ending underneath the center of the cheekbone. • For a blushing effect, apply color on the flat portion of the oval-shaped side of the brush. Smile and apply color above cheekbone toward the hairline and blend with short, vertical strokes. • For a natural glow, apply highlighter color with the other oval-shaped side to the upper cheekbone up to the temples. • Use the circular tip to set concealer underneath the eyes or powder on certain parts of the face.

  • On The Spot Makeup Brush Cleaner Spray

    "With a few sprays, my brushes are clean!...On the spot makeup brush cleaner spray...I just bought this today, because ot was recommended from a MUA friend and I don't regret buying it!...I love it!"

    Keep your brushes soft, protected and squeaky clean with our sweetly scented brush cleaner. The fast-working spray formula gently removes dirt and excess makeup while keeping your favorite brushes conditioned and protected. Simply spray On the Spot Makeup Brush Spray Cleaner to dry paper towel or cloth and gently brush head over cloth until dirt and makeup disappear. Your brushes will love you.

  • Sourcils Gel Dual End Eyebrow Brush

    "It is worth every penny....good eye brow brush...I just love it obviously....The bristles are very stiff, which I like."


  • Expert Tools® Angled Definer Brush

    "Love how this eye brush has a angle tip that allows me to make the definition of top of lid with a different color & blend with entire lid to finish off with a smooth blend....Love it...I use this brush for this job and it works amazing."

    Angled Definer Brush, Eye Makeup Brush by Maybelline. An angled brush tip for precise application of eyeshadow and brow powder for all your eye makeup looks.

  • Retractable Lip Brush #9

    "I love that the brush is retractable because it helps eliminate "oops" moments....I understand there are different preferences and that is exactly why I find this brush so remarkable....This is a great brush....It applys great."

    This versatile, synthetic-bristled brush is the ideal partner to all lip color products. This sleek applicator retracts easily for portable convenience. Applies lip color for a flawless look. The tapered, smaller tip allows an even, controlled application. How to Use: Glide brush along or into lip product. For lipstick: Begin at outer corners of the mouth. Apply inward along edges to fill in lips. For lip gloss: Begin at center of the lip, avoiding edges, and blend gloss outward. Backstage Beauty Tip: Apply lip color starting in the center of the lips and blending out – use the tip of the lip brush to define the edge of the lip line.

  • Precision Cheek Brush #7

    "After watching Lisa Eldridge's videos and seeing how important blending is to a flawless face, I decided to pick up this brush as my "blender."...It also works well with powder foundation and blends to a flawless it!!...This is my absolute favorite blush brush!...I definitely recommend it."

    This versatile natural-bristled brush is the ideal partner to all blush products. The wide, flat bristled head precisely and evenly applies powder blush and cream-to-powder color. The improved quallity and slightly denser brush hairs allows for better powder pickup. How to use: For a blushing effect: Dip the flat end of the brush into the color. Tap off the excess. Smile and apply to apples of cheeks, blending up along the cheekbone toward the hairline. For a contouring effect: Dip the rim of brush into the color. Apply color directly under cheekbone. Use rim of blush to blend in color with short vertical strokes. Backstage Beauty Tip: Precision Cheek Brush #7 is perfect for powder foundation application as it melts it into the skin.