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  • Garnier The Gentle Sulfate-Free Cleanser

    "Yay !!...It's Ok...It works great with my Clarisonic....My skin information: Combination/Oily (T-zone and hollows of my cheeks have excess oil accumulation) Acne prone, but controlled with horomones (Aka: Orthotricyclen) Occasional dry patches in various locations Currently living in a cold climate area, low to no humidity I've been testing out my new cleanser for about a month now and here are my thoughts: It's great for those with sensitive skin because of how gentle it's."

    Powerful cleansing that's gentle to skin. No sulfates, no alcohol, no fragrance, no parabens, no oil, no soap This extra-gentle cleanser effectively removes face makeup, impurities and excess oil all while caring for your skin. Rich in glycerin, our sulfate-free foaming lotion softens as it cleanses, so your face is left feeling fresh and clean, never tight or dry.

  • Blue Herbal Acne Cleanser Treatment

    "Clears up skin...It's a winner!...Awesome cleanser, works really good with the clarisonic...Don't give up on the product if you are not seeing results right away, everyone has different skin but this product really works."

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  • Crème Radiance

    "Best cleanse...Love perfect with the clarisonic...LOVE IT Ive got two kids, a mastiff and a vacuum that keeps trucking on and my skin can't be or feel any more dirty UNTIL the end of the day."

    Allure Best of Beauty 2015 - Best Cleanser for Dry Skin A Luxurious Balance of Science and Nature: Reveal Purified, Pampered Skin. This gentle cream-to-foam cleanser with antioxidant White Lotus and soothing Rose de France penetrates deep into the pores without over-drying to gently remove makeup, even waterproof, dissolve impurities and purify the skin. Massage over wet face and throat. Rinse with lukewarm water. Follow with Tonique Radiance for clarified and luminous skin. Dermatologist and ophthalmologist-tested for safety.  

  • Énergie de Vie Foam Cleanser

    "My New Favorite Cleanser!...Very foamy and refreshing....One drop on my clarisonic !...The combination of goji berry and gentian is fantastic, as both are complimentary to the benefits of lemon balm."

    Énergie de Vie Foam Cleanser

  • Tonique Radiance

    "love this...Thank You...I'm not a huge fan of granular exfoliants on the face (especially since my Clarisonic provides so much manual exfoliation), so this is perfect....I have been using this product for 5 months is very refreshing, nice fragrance, not too heavy and I can see a big difference in my skin."

    Tonique Radiance

  • Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash

    "Fab Facial Fuel...Clean Face...It also works well with my Clarisonic....You feel it tingling but not in a 'oh no, I left it on too long' way but instead more like an 'ahhhhhhhhhhhh, that feels nice' way."

    Our efficient and energizing facial cleanser thoroughly removes dirt, surface oil, and impurities without an over-drying effect. Formulated with Caffeine, Menthol, and Vitamin E - as well as invigorating extracts derived from Lemon and Orange Peels - its unique blend helps o refresh and waken skin, preparing it for a less irritating, more comfortable shave. This effective "refueling facial cleanser" further helps skin resist the effects of environmental stress and gives even dull, tired-looking skin a fresher, healthier appearance.

  • Crème Mousse Confort

    "thank you!...Feels good...I use it once in the morning shower and then at night with my Clarisonic....My skin craves it, I can't wait to wash my face when I wake up and I look forward to its purifying and make-up and dirt removal at the end of the day."

    Crème Mousse Confort

  • Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser

    "LOVE it...Clean Clean...I used the wash at night with my clarisonic micro scrubber thingy, and my skin felt pretty darn good....It leaves me feeling refreshed and clean, and like there is truly a difference with my skin, rather than most face cleansers which just make me break out or do not actually work."

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  • Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash

    "Love it!...Good Purchase...I have been using this product since it was introduced, sometimes with my Clarisonic brush if I need a little extra exfoliation....This has actually been the first cleanser that I have used throughout the year in every season and in different climates, cities and countries and still get amazing results each and every time."

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  • Skin Rescuer

    "Good for acne...Super Softness...Fewer bumps from the clarisonic and cleanser, and less redness, no excess oil from the Rescuer....Now that my skin has settled down I don't use it every day, but I definitely think it's something worth having in your medicine cabinet whenever your skin is in need of extra care."

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  • Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate

    "Overnight Success!...Love this product...I even purchased a Clarisonic with no amazing results....It smooths everything out, my skin is not dry and it makes my pores look like I have never worn a day of makeup in my life."

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  • Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil

    "Amazing product...amazing cleanser!...I will still use my clarisonic with a non-oil cleanser like Ultra Facial Wash or Calendula face wash to get a deeper cleanse after using the Midnight Recovery Oil Cleanser....It also does a nice job removing makeup - after a few uses, I cut out micellar water from my routine and just use this."

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  • Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate

    "Love it!!...A keeper...Between this and my Clarisonic, I have a whole new relationship with my skin....It does tingle and whether true or not, definitely make you feel like it is doing some work :-) I do wish they could come up with a different bottle as when it will not pump anymore, there is still 2-3 weeks worth of product at the bottom, so I have to store the bottle upside down and unscrew the lid to get the product out each morning until it is gone."

    Now formulated with even more Vitamin C, Dermatologist Solutions™ Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate is infused with 10.5% L-Ascorbic Acid and 2% Ascorbyl Glucoside. Our new and improved formula offers extensive skin benefits:

  • Garnier Deep Pore Exfoliating Face Scrub with Green Tea

    "I love it....I like that....This is even gentle enough to use with my Clarisonic which makes this a must have cleanser!...Ok im not a big fan of trying products on my face because I never had ance problems and many chemicals are not worth the hassle...but this product is free of many chemicals."

    Decongests skin and gently exfoliates to reduce the appearance of pores Made with Green Tea, this face scrub decongests skin and gently exfoliates to reduce the appearance of pores. Skin is left smoother with a refined texture. Suitable for sensitive skin. Results: Skin is left smoother with a refined texture

  • Honey Dew Me Up Primer

    "A miracle!!...I love it....I wash my face with cleanser with my clarisonic then I tone wich also has an exfoliater in it, then I apply the Honey Dew Me Up primer as a serum, then I apply my moisturizer....I have had a much better experience using this than the Murad Invisiblur Primer (which runs at a hefty $65 for 1.0 oz) because that one tended to not grab onto my foundation evenly and would leave patches of bare skin around my nose."

    Inspired by honey’s golden glow, we developed a primer that neutralizes the appearance of discoloration and redness. Our innovative light reflective gold flecks create a luminous look that will help keep your skin looking radiant all day.

  • Visionnaire Crescendo™

    "I'm in love!...Great peel...If you have a facial brush *clarisonic (tm) etc, use before application and in the morning while washing, it helps with extra exfoliation....I felt the tingle, I loved not having to take it off in the morning, and my skin felt really soft and smooth every morning of the 28 day regime."

    This easy to use, leave-on liquid nighttime face peel works to gently exfoliate skin surface cells and address multiple skin concerns: uneven skin texture, appearance of pores, wrinkles and fine lines, and dark spots.

  • Garnier Clearly Brighter Overnight Leave-On Peel

    "Thank you...It felt great !...I used it after I use my Clarisonic and it was tingly for a few minutes ....Probably tested on animals.No signs of fading of dark spots.No signs of better skin texture.Overall, I'm not mad at it, but I don't see or feel any improvement in my skin."

    Gently evens skin tone and minimizes the look of dark spots. This gentle, yet powerful leave-on peel with Glycolic Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (AHA) and Vitamin C, effectively evens skin tone and reduces the look of dark spots while you sleep. Wake up to freshm more radiant-looking skin. Results: Clinically proven results.* In 1 week, skin's texture is refined. In 4 weeks, the apperance of dark spots and visible discoloration is diminished resulting in a brighter, more even skin tone. *In a clinical test

  • Proof It! Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer

    "I like it....Great stay!...I had to actually SCRUB it off with my clarisonic....I have been on the hunt for a great eye shadow primer that really sticks to my eyes, and mine are super oily."

    Intensify your shadows with our durable and waterproof eyeshadow primer. Smooth on to lids before applying shadows and voila! Your eye makeup will stay in place no matter what the weather without creasing or smudging.

  • Ultra Facial Toner

    "So balanced...good toner...I use it everyday and I'm surprised what shows up on the cotton ball, even after I've cleansed with my Clarisonic....After washing my skin, this toner brings back hydration to my skin and works as the best foundation of my skincare process."

    This mild yet effective toner for all skin types helps refine surface texture while providing the ideal preparation for classic Ultra Facial Moisturizer. Made with effective emollients Squalane, Apricot Kernel Oil, Avocado Oil, and Vitamin E, our non-alcoholic toning formula gently removes surface debris and remaning residue while hydrating and comforting skin. PH balanced for optimal comfort and will not over-dry or strip the skin of its natural oils.

  • Mousse Éclat

    "My Favorite!!!...Mild and clean...It removes stubborn make up, and works great with my Clarisonic....It leaves my face feeling clean and fresh, I love the foaming, and it has a fresh, clean fragrance that does not hang all over you."

    Mousse Éclat