Damaged Hair Treatment

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  • Garnier Sleek & Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment

    "I love it!...Would buy....Unlike other expensive oils, this one does not weigh my hair down (used on dry or wet hair) and just makes my hair soft, shiny and a 'good hair day' whether the weather's dry (I live in an arid locale), humid or cold!...Texture: I'll be honest, when I first put this product on my hand I totally groaned because it was a little sticky, but once I applied it to my hair I there was no residue left on my hands which totally shocked me."

    Hair oil for instant sleek* With Argan Oil from Morocco, Fructis Sleek & Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment is instantly absorbed, delivering concentrated conditioning for strand-by-strand softness, shine, easy smooth styling and frizz control without an oily residue. * With shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment

  • Garnier Damage Eraser Liquid Strength Treatment with Protein

    "It is so good...I love it!!!...I love this liquid strength treatment so much that I'm trying to get my husband to use it - he has really dry, curly hair and has to be very careful what products he uses in it....This leave in treatment says that it repairs hair in one use, it is true because when I used it, my hair feels softer, stronger, and I could tell that there were less split ends than before."

    Leave-in hair treatment for damage repair in 1 use* Hair is almost entirely made up of protein, which gives hair its strength. Paraben-free Fructis formulas with Active Fruit Protein™, an exclusive combination of citrus protein, Vitamins B3 & B6, fruit & plant-derived extracts and strengthening conditioners, are designed for healthier, stronger hair. Formulated with Amla Oil Extract, Vegetal Protein & Phytokeratin®, plant-based amino acids similar to those naturally found in hair, our lightweight Fructis Damage Eraser Liquid Strength Treatment with Protein helps bring strength to instantly transform hair back to its undamaged-looking state. DUAL USAGE: Can be used as a daily leave-in or an overnight treatment. * With shampoo, conditioner & leave-in treatment PHYTOKERATIN® is a trademark of Lonza or its affiliates.

  • Extreme Anti-Snap / Distressed Hair Treatment

    Leave in treatment for damaged hair, split ends and hair breakage for all types of distressed hair. Its enhanced formula repairs, strengthens and protects hair shine. Extreme Anti-Snap distressed hair treatment is an award winning product and one of Redken's best sellers.

  • Mimosa Hair Honey Clarifying Scalp Treatment

    "Works great!!...Great Product...This product works great with braids & relieving the itchiness & flakes....I put a quarter-size amount of this stuff in my hands, rubbed it into my whole head of weave (started with the ends, worked toward the scalp)."


  • Mirabelle Plum Dual Oil Treatment

    "I love your products....Amazing hot oil treatment...I have used this product for a very long time and loved it....Plus it gives my hair a great shine alter a mild brushing."


  • Deep Micro-Exfoliating Scalp Treatment

    "I am SO GLAD I GOT IT!!!!...Best I have Tried...I used this for the first time after several days of itching and flaking and was amazed at how well it worked - I did not need any treatment again for over a week.I follow it with a pyrithione zinc shampoo and find it much more effective than the shampoo alone....I also suffer from dry scalp and dandruff, so I am always in the market for a good product."

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  • Damage Repairing & Rehydrating Leave-In Treatment

    "The humidity today is off the charts....Works better than anything I have ever tried!...What I really could not believe though, is that I have NO split ends now....It's not sticky or oily like other kinds of leave-in products."

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  • Dense Fx™ hair diameter thickening treatment

    "I would recommend this to anyone with fine hair!!...I love this product....It really works to thicken my hair at the roots....Great product"

    Hair Diameter thickening treatment -treatment styler for all hair types

  • One United All-In-One Multi-Benefit Treatment

    "Bravo, Redken!...My hair looks and feels FANTASTIC!!!!...I will be buying a bigger bottle."

    Multi-Benefit Hair Treatment Spray with 25 benefits that increase manageability, protection and beauty.

  • Extreme Length Sealer - Treatment for Distressed Hair

    "This product is aMAZing!...I have been in the "salon" field for 30 plus years ,and my DIL is a stylist I am very impressed with the "new" Extreme Line ....I have been in the "salon" field for 30 plus years ,and my DIL is a stylist I am very impressed with the "new" Extreme Line ."

    New Extreme Length Sealer with biotin builds strength from root to tip and targets split ends. Extreme Length system of Shampoo, Primer and Sealer helps achieve your maximum hair length - up to 6" in a year.

  • Frizz Dismiss Mask Intensive Rinse-out Treatment

    "I love my hair again!...MY HAIR IS SMOOTH AND SOFT...I use this everytime I wash my hair and I finally can say that I love my hair....MY HAIR IS SMOOTH AND SOFT"

    Frizz Dismiss Mask is an intensive rinse-out treatment that provides humidity protection and smoothing.

  • Defy Energizing Scalp Treatment

    Energizing daily toner to help improve the appearance of normal to thin hair

  • Diamond Oil Deep Facets Intensive Treatment

    Hair Oil Treatment by Redken is specifically designed for dry and damaged hair. This deep conditioning mask nourishes, strengthens & replenishes hair to prevent damage & breakage. This hair oil treatment formula boosts hair's natural shine.

  • Monoi Repairing Hair Mask

    "great stuff!...Great mask...For the first time, I did not have a sink full of broken hair....no other conditioner in sight (cause I forgot to buy some) and a home made hair smoothie sitting in my head threatening to ruin my reputation (if I walked out of my house smelling of rotten greek yogurt)."

    Monoi Repairing Hair Mask

  • Maskeratine

    "Amazing product!...Cleans nicely....Really smooths frizzy and/or damaged hair...Thanks to Influenster for sending me Kerastase discipline shampoo and conditioning mask for FREE for my honest opinion."

    Daily deep conditioning mask provides maximum frizz control, extreme softness and suppleness for fine to coarse, unruly hair. Seals the ends to help prevent future blowdry heat damage. Morpho-Keratine technology to restore flexibilty and discipline for perfect hair movement, taming frizz and protecting against humidity Softening Agents for extreme softness Lipid Agents for smoothness and frizz protection Optimized Starch for maximum anti-frizz action and to facilitate the optimum blowdry

  • Ciment Thermique

    "Hair Saver...Just love it!...Best stuff for damaged hair...I love to really work it into my hair to know I'm getting the best absorption, and to know that it's really getting in there and doing it's job (which it obviously has no issue doing)."

    85% LESS BREAKAGE from Blowdry*. Strengthens and fortifies the hair fiber. Smooths away cracks and split ends while adding shine. Excellent leave-in care. AWARDS: InStyle Best Beauty Buys May 2017 names Ciment Anti-Usure the "Best Conditioner for Brittle Hair”. VITA-CIMENT TOPSEAL Vita-Ciment strengthens fiber from inside Vita-Topseal recreates external protective layer

  • Garnier Moisture Lock 10-in-1 Rescue Leave-In Spray

    "Good news!...My new FAVE!...It is convenient to use after showering, smells great, does not leave a residue on hair or hands and definitely adds much needed moisture to dry and damaged hair....But, after using the Garnier Fructis Moisture 10-in-1 Rescue leave- in spray (along with the shampoo and conditioner), I do notice that the patch on the back of my head as being less frizzy than usual; it is not completely gone, but it feels softer."

    Leave-in Spray for 48H moisture* Hair is almost entirely made up of protein, which gives hair its strength. Paraben-free Fructis formulas with Active Fruit Protein™, an exclusive combination of citrus protein, Vitamins B3 & B6, fruit & plant-derived extracts and strengthening conditioners, are designed for healthier, stronger hair. Fructis Moisture Lock 10-in-1 Rescue Leave-In Spray with Cactus Extract offers 10 benefits: Quenches. Smoothes. Adds shine. Softens. Detangles. Controls frizz. Helps protect from heat damage. Helps prevent breakage. Freshens. Boosts manageability. * With shampoo, conditioner & leave-in treatment

  • Masquintense Fine

    "I am in love!...VERY GOOD...So basically it is a never ending fight to get clean, volumized hair that is not bone dry / damaged....I was actually gifted this by a hair stylist because I have so much trouble with my long hair because it gets so dry."

    Nourishing treatment for intense nutrition, for dry hair and extremely sensitized hair, for fine hair. AWARDS Brides winner of the 2016 Beauty Awards. Iris Rhizome Extract protects against oxidation Dosage Gluco-Active 3, Glucose, Protein and Lipid blend internally replenishes dry hair On-Surface Technology envelops the hair fiber from root to tip, without unwanted weight Natural Lipid Conditioning Agent+Emollients delives maximum nutritive performance with Irisome Complexe

  • Créme Chronologiste

    "Love how it smells!...LOVE it...Revitalizes Damaged Hair!...It is rich, moisturizing, does NOT weigh my hair down (which is a miracle), allows for easy wet combing, and smells very good."

    The largest amount of active ingredients in the highest concentration delivering total hair and scalp renewal. Strengthens and regenerates the hair fiber while delivering smoothness, shine, and softness. Abyssine for scalp regeneration that boosts the hair fiber Trio of Ceramides for strength and regeneration Vitamin A & E for anti-oxidant protection Cationic Derivative for softness, lightness and easy detangling

  • Masque Densité

    "great investment...Love it!...All in all, I do not think it is a bad product, but I think you can get something just as good, if not better, for cheaper....I have very fine hair, and it feels much smoother, softer and replenished without being weighed down or greasy."

    Daily treatment to restore substance, shine, and resiliency. Light, rinsable gel that won’t weigh down hair while detangling and smoothing. Power Renewal Complex + Ceramide technology to restore and strengthen the hair fiber Hyaluronic Acid for hydration and resilience to plump the hair Gluco-Peptide for restoration of a smooth, uniform surface to the hair cuticle to increase shine and resiliency Ceramide for strengthening the hair fiber while protecting against further hair stress