Eye Shadow Duos

Check out our selection of Eye Shadow Duos. 

  • Eyestudio® Brow Define + Fill Duo

    "thank you...PERFECT 10...I lightly fill in my brows with the pencil and then use a dark brown eyeshadow with an angled brush to fill in the rest....Love this brow pencil easy to use compared to others I have tried and matches the color perfectly"

    Eyestudio Brow Define + Fill Duo Eyebrow Makeup by Maybelline. Naturally full brows in two easy steps with eyebrow pencil to shape and filling brow powder to finish.

  • 24/7 TROUBLEMAKER Mascara and Eye Pencil Duo ($44 Value)

    "Great products!...Dynamic duo...Love love love this new Troublemaker Mascara and was already a fan of the eye pencil....It does help make them where you can see them so great for a no make up look."

    Purchase 24/7 TROUBLEMAKER on Urban Decay official boutique. Exclusive luxury products available with secure online payment

  • Monoi Strengthen & Style Duo

    "Uber good...Good Stuff...Once I began using Monoi Oil after I take the twists out in the morning, I noticed I can get the shine and lengthening of my hair, without losing the defintion of the curls....I just got the whole Monoi line and I like how it feels in my hair, so far so good my only complaint is the price, a stay at home mom of two, it is hard to justify paying this kind of money for hair products, even with the membership discount...but it is on all my gift lists and when I get a special treat for my self it is something from here."

    SAVE 15% ($55 VALUE)

  • Black Vanilla Moisturizing Hair Duo

    "Love This...So Amazing!...Only critique is that the shampoo did make my hair a little rough which I didn't like, but overall great products....i've used almost everything you can think of and nothing worked to make my hair nice and moisturized."


  • Jada's Dynamic Duo

    "Dynamic Duo...Great Products...I have tried numerous products for my hair but nothing really seems to give my hair the moisture that it really needs....I used it for the first week and had nice results but after that...it would soften for a few hours and her hair would end up coarse feeling again."

    Jada Pinkett-Smith's Secret to Healthy Hair

  • Lisa’s Hair Elixir Duo

    "Great Products!...I love this duo!...I got a deluxe sample of this duo when I ordered the Monoi hairspray, which is excellent and one of my holy grail products....My coils have different porosity levels throughout so I felt like the low porosity areas felt a little rough but once I added the conditioner, my coils came alive!"

    SAVE 12% ($42 VALUE) Give Your Hair The Ultimate Detox

  • Sculpt & Highlight Face Duo

    "Loved it!...Amazing Difference...My shade is 02 (almond/light, amande/clair) The highlighter side is not amazing but it's as well good...I got this at Ulta, and while the highlight was fantastic, the contour was too red for me."

    Define your best features and add luminescence wherever—and whenever—you need it, with our new Sculpt & Highlight Face Duos. Available in six expertly coordinated shade combinations, each double-ended liquid duo features a contouring shade to add definition and a creamy highlighter to illuminate.

  • Mirabelle Plum Max Hair Health Duo

    "Excellent products...I adore this duo....I would recommend it to everyone, because they have something for everyone....I purchased the products based on my hair care needs, I have used it for a month and my hair feels fabulous."


  • Monoi Ora Repair + Volume Duo

    "Great product!...Excellent products....Monoi Ora.....Perfection in a bottle!...good product, just a bit pricey."

    Monoi Ora Repair + Volume Duo

  • Sacred Tiare Strengthening Duo

    "Great products!...I like using these products on my hair!...I found the shampoo and conditioner that works for all of us....I like using these products on my hair!"


  • Hair Milk Longer-Lasting Curls Duo

    "It's the milk that does the hair good....So glad I gave this another chance....Fell in love with the product line and why mess with what works...Great for transitioning hair"


  • Monoi Supersize Repairing Duo

    "Overall it's an amazing set!...After a few washes, my hair is stronger and more vibrant....Absolutely love this product!...Best Shampoo and Conditioner EVER!!!"

    Monoi Supersize Repairing Duo

  • Black Vanilla Style & Shine Duo

    "Love it!...Gives me Life...I recently bought the Black Vanilla leave in conditioner and gel duo, I love the fragrance and the gel sleeks and shines my hair....Great Products"


  • Marula Curl Therapy Deep-Softening Duo

    "I LOVE the Marula line!!...I don't have to use as much product because the mask softens and conditions so well....Love this product"


  • Vanilla Marshmallow Duo

    "Well now I have another favorite....Love love love!!!...IT feels so good on my skin....Love love love!!!"

    Vanilla Marshmallow Duo

  • Pomegranate Rose Pampering Duo

    "The fragrance is heavenly....Pleasant and light smell, the shower creme is rich and applies smoothly lathering well and the creme applies easily and leaves skin hydrated, very pleased with this purchase...Great Products!!...This is my favorite fragrance so far!"

    Pomegranate Rose Pampering Duo

  • Liquid Suede Lippie Duo - Kitten Heels

    "It's soft and have a really nice texture it not to dry after u leave it on...Seriously it never disappoints....Lasts for hours when after eating....Love this color"

    Liquid Suede Lippie Duo - Kitten Heels

  • Lip Lingerie Lippie Duo - Embellishment & Never

    "But when I used it with the lip liner I really was surprised at how nice the color looked at me I immediately was happy with my purchase....The color goes on nicely and it lasts a long time....When I found this online I really liked the color....I love the color payoff and the way it looks, the coverage is great."

    Lip Lingerie Lippie Duo - Embellishment & Never

  • Liquid Suede Lippie Duo - Cherry Skies

    "Great product...I bought this product about a month ago and it's amazing I love the color and the formula I would love to review more of your products on my YouTube channel too!!...I bought this product about a month ago and it's amazing I love the color and the formula I would love to review more of your products on my YouTube channel too!!"

    Liquid Suede Lippie Duo - Cherry Skies

  • Lip Lingerie Lippie Duo - Silk Indulgent & Staged

    "I get tons of compliments when wearing this!...Love love LOVE...Love love LOVE...I didn't find it too drying and even when I had to reapply, it went on smoothly instead of getting a weird texture like other liquid lipsticks."

    Lip Lingerie Lippie Duo - Silk Indulgent & Staged