Eye Shadow Palette

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  • Ultimate Shadow Palette

    "Love it....I loved it!...I bought this about a month and a half ago and I'm glad I did because when I need a pop of color this bad boy always comes in handy!!...This is a really great shadow palette if you're looking for a wide variety of colors or are looking for a palette to hone your eye shadow skills."

    We named this collection the Ultimate Shadow Palette because that’s exactly what it is—a pro-level palette packed with 16 high-performance eyeshadows and pressed pigments in a rainbow of tone-inspired shades. Available in four striking color combinations—Neutral-Cool, Neutral-Warm, Bright and Smokey/Highlight—each set features a vivid mix of velvety-rich textures and mesmerizing finishes that range from mattes and satins to shimmers and metallics.

  • The Adorable Shadow Palette

    "Great colors!...love it...My only issue is that I have darker skin (I live in the Caribbean, so I pretty much have a perpetual tan) so some of the colors do not show as much as I would like....I purchased this palette about a month ago and I am very pleased with the colors."

    Sometimes naughty but always nice! These shadows create a variety of looks that rock the night from shimmering nude and natural to smokey brown. These 6 pigment-packed eye shadows were hand selected to work together in one easy-to-use palette.

  • The Natural Shadow Palette

    "Really amazing...Great colors !...I do recommend using the NYX mayhem finish setting spray on your brush for more pigmentation....Very realistic nude and natural looking shades, not cakey or chalky looking like some nude shades I have seen."

    Go au natural…or dramatic with the Natural Shadow Palette. Designed to work beautifully with all skin tones this 6-shadow collection enhances your eyes instantly and lets you go as soft or dramatic as you like. Wear these shades solo mix them up or use them as a neutral base for any of our other colorful shadows.

  • Perfect Filter Shadow Palette

    "So bomb!...Pigment heaven...I use it every day and I especially love the gold shade ... I use it on the corners of my eyes for a great contrast...Overall, it is the shimmery shades that perform the best, so if you are eyeing them primarily for the mattes, these might not be your best options."

    Need a filter for that selfie? #LookNoFurther. Our new Perfect Filter Shadow Palettes feature ten vibrant shades of our amazing eyeshadow. Available in five striking color combinations, each collectible set is inspired by a different photo filtering effect.

  • The Blushed Nudes® Eye Shadow Palette

    "Great palette...love it!!!...I would like to see a couple matte shades in the palette but overall I love this one it is my favorite so far!...This is perfect when you can not spend $50 of a makeup shadow pallet."

    The Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Palette by Maybelline. Create bold eye makeup looks with this 12-shade eyeshadow palette of duo, trio, and quad color combinations.

  • The Nudes Eye Shadow Palette

    "Love it !!!!!!...love it...Color goes on smoothly, pigment is great, not too glittery and lasted through my day....The colors are so pigmented and not only are they amazing but even better this set has matte eyeshadows which is hard to come across."

    The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette by Maybelline. Go nude and create bold eyeshadow looks with this 12-shade palette of beige, bronze, and taupe eyeshadow colors.

  • The Sex Bomb Shadow Palette

    "Love all the mattes!...I Recommend it....I bought this a week ago and absolutely loved it... the colors blend so well, the only color I was not impressed by was the glitter grey color but if you put a wet base down before.......I've used this palette a couple times now and it's pretty good but not the greatest in pigmentation."

    Channel your inner sex bomb with this seductive set of 6 shadows. Truly beautiful and vibrant these shades were expertly combined in one sexy set to transform you day or night. Whether you use every day or only on special occasions - you’re sure to have fun and be inspired with this palette.

  • The Smokey Shadow Palette

    "I love your makeup....Love it....I just love the colors very subtle not too dramatic....Decided to practice my makeup skills and this is one of the few palettes I have."

    Where there's smoke there's fire. And our best-selling Smokey Shadow Palette truly turns up the heat. All of our favorite smokey shades are here allowing you to create an endless array of sexy smoldering looks with one simple palette. Easy to apply and blend these 6 pigment-packed powders are date night necessities.

  • Cosmic Metals Shadow Palette

    "I love it....LOVE LOVE LOVE....I brought this from ULTA the other day and O My WOW I was blown away by the pigmentation !!...I don't imagine I will use this very often, but it's a good small palette to have on hand in my kit."

    Create a spectrum of out-of-this-world eye looks with the Cosmic Metals Shadow Palette—a new eyeshadow set inspired by our beloved Cosmic Metals Lip Cream. Featuring six versatile and edgy neutrals in tones of gold, plum and mauve, this gorgeous set loads your lids with rich, metallic color and incredible color payoff.

  • Full Throttle Shadow Palette

    "Love this palette...Great color combos....(I really liked the first palette, ended up buying two more) ive always had an idea that NYX eyeshadows in palettes were kinda weak compare to single shadows....I may never be able to use any other shadows again, I am so in love."

    Full-on color. Endless possibilities. Powered by four pigment-packed eyeshadows, our new Full Throttle Shadow Palettes allow you to create unlimited eye looks, every single time. With so many color combos to choose from, each stylish set is a treasure in itself. (Trust us—you’re going to want to collect them all.)

  • Lid Lingerie Shadow Palette

    "Super pigment...Good product...The colors blend very nicely and they are very pigmented....I got this palette on a whim and I absolutely love the color payoff."

    Adorn your eyes in velvety color with our irresistible Lid Lingerie Shadow Palette—a new eyeshadow set inspired by our creamy-matte Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks. Featuring six creamy matte neutrals, this gorgeous set packs a wide range of tones and depth into one small palette. Each velvety-matte shade blends like a dream and delivers incredible color payoff.

  • Avant Pop! Shadow Palette

    "I really enjoy this pallet....Avant Pop Wow!...These palettes are GREAT and I did not have any allergic reaction....Just as good, if not better than, high end palettes I own that cost 4x the amount."

    Express yourself with splashes of striking color from our Avant Pop! Shadow Palettes. All three collections have been carefully curated with 10 eyeshadows in various finishes. Each palette lets you create a softer look or take it to the next level. Everything you need to create your own pop art masterpiece is at your fingertips!

  • The Rock Nudes™ Eye Shadow Palette

    "Love it....I love this product great colors so many diffrent ways to mix it up....So excited when I saw it at the store and bought it right away....Excellent selection of shimmer, glitter, and matte."

    The Rock Nudes Eye Shadow Palette by Maybelline. Our 12 Shade collection of edgy-nude, rock & roll colors. The perfect makeup palette for endless possibilities.

  • Dream Catcher Palette

    "Love it...Great Product...I only have one thing to say is that it's Super amazing the colors are beautiful How else can I put it : AMAZING...I only have one thing to say is that it is Super amazing the colors are beautiful How else can I put it : AMAZING"

    The heavens have parted and our Dream Catcher Palette in celestial shades have arrived. Each palette includes 10 majestic eye shadows that you can mix and match. There's even a secret compartment on the bottom with a mirror and a dual-tip applicator!

  • Eyestudio® Color Plush® Silk Eye Shadow Quad Palette

    "Love these!...This product is just wonderful....I love everything about it and it complements my eye color so well...Color goes on smoothly and lasts for hours, never need to do any touch ups with this product!"

    Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow Quad Palette by Maybelline. Silky eyeshadow with rich color and a smooth feel so you can create luminous eye makeup looks.

  • Custom 9-Shadow Pro Palette

    "Super pigmented!!!!...Super pigmented, vibrant, beautiful colors....I am so happy that I got this for my single shades!...It holds my singles securely and is not bulky at all."

    Everything you need to create gorgeous eyes is just a palette away! Our Custom 9-Shadow Pro Palette contains built-in magnets that hold up to Pro Refills of your favorite Hot Singles and Prismatic Shadows. It’s your eye shadow, your way. And when you’re ready to rock a new color or two (or three…or nine), simply swap ’em out, pop em ’in, and change it up—it’s up to you!

  • California Palette

    "I got this palette about a month n a half ago and it's simply amazing!!!...This is definitely my favorite out of the two....There are a lot of matte shades and they are all well pigmented....Really wish the colors showed up better when used because it really is a beautiful color range/selection."

    This dreamy collection is inspired by all things California: from the pastel sunsets of Orange County and the soaring redwoods of NorCal, to the sparkling blue Pacific and golden-sand beaches, California is a visual paradise. All ten ultra-velvety shadows in this limited-edition palette strike the perfect balance of casual and chic, laid back and luxe, and everything in else we love about the Golden State. The California palette features the vivid artwork of world-renowned street artist, Hueman. Whether she’s painting delicate visions on canvas or crushing massive walls with a spray can, this drop-dead gorgeous muralist draws on the human condition to create freestyle mash-ups of the abstract and figurative.

  • Beauty School Dropout Palette - Back To Basics

    "I did swatches as soon as I got home and the pigmentation is great....Got more bang for my buck!...Love love it!...They are great."

    Master the ABC’s of makeup artistry with our Back to Basics collection. Featuring 35 creamy and highly pigmented eyeshadows, this palette brings together essential neutrals in matte, metallic and shimmery finishes. Sculpt the natural curves of your complexion with the contouring powders and brighten up your best features with a swipe of blush or illuminator. Experiment with taking any look from natural to bold using these rich, modern tones--practice makes perfect!

  • Rocker Chic Palette

    "The colors go perfectly together and the color has great payoff....I bought this palette in California Dreaming & I love it!...I got mine from a deal on Ipsy and it was worth every penny....That said, they're a bit...not quite dull, but not all that unique."

    Step up to the mic and dazzle the crowd with your bold tones. Each Rocker Chic Palette features five vibrant eyeshadows you can use to take any look from soft to dramatic. Get ready for every gig with your favorite studded color collection.

  • Los Angeles Palette

    "I like the art work and the colors are soo beautiful....I also love how a female street artist, Hueman, has her work featured on this palette!...The colors are fantastic!...Love, Love, Love this palette!"

    Brush on the epic new shades in The Los Angeles Palette, and you’ll be rocking your LA vibe in no time. This versatile collection is inspired by the many faces of LA: from the vibrant skate culture of Venice Beach Boardwalk and the pastel skyline of the Sunset Strip, to the celebrity-chasing Paparazzi and the famously stylish hipsters of Silver Lake, Los Angeles is a city of color and contrast. All ten ultra-velvety shadows in this limited-edition palette strike the perfect balance of glamour and grit, fashion and fringe, and everything in between. The Los Angeles palette features the vivid artwork of world-renowned street artist, Hueman. Whether she’s painting delicate visions on canvas or crushing massive walls with a spray can, this drop-dead gorgeous muralist draws on the human condition to create freestyle mash-ups of the abstract and figurative.