Face Makeup Set

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  • Prep & Finish Set

    "Perfect Day Lipwear...I liked these...I am happy with my purchase and love to introduce this brand...The primer is nice and smooth, the translucent powder does it is job, and the setting spray works!"

    Stay feeling and looking flawlessly matte with the NYX Professional Makeup Prep & Finish Kit! You will be prepped and ready to go with all of your mattifying needs. Set includes Makeup Setting Spray in Matte Finish, High Definition Finishing Powder in Translucent and Studio Perfect Primer in Clear.

  • Makeup Setting Spray - Matte

    "Loved it!...good look...I used the NYX primer, (which I think helped my skin look more even, and kept my make up on longer) But I used the setting spray in the morning, later that day I played sports, I was sweating and wiping my head....I have been using this product in the matte version and it keeps my skin beautifully matte even up to 8+ hours... I recommend you to use it if you want matte skin all day long."

    Demand perfection! For that fresh makeup look that lasts, the Makeup Setting Spray - Matte is a gorgeous shine-free matte finish that is lightweight and comfortable while working hard to make sure your makeup stays put.

  • ALL NIGHTER Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

    "HOLY GRAIL...Love it!!!...I love that this setting spray comes out in a nice mist and helps my makeup to not only last all night, but it makes my skin feel amazing!...The mist being fine is so important to me-because it is, it thoroughly covers my face with a few pumps, but doesn't leave big water marks like other setting sprays I have used which don't have such a fine mist."

    Purchase ALL NIGHTER on Urban Decay official boutique. Exclusive luxury products available with secure online payment

  • Studio Finishing Powder

    "It perfect....Nice finish...My skin isn't very even to begin with because of constant little breakouts and old acne scars, but after using the NYX HD studio foundation and then applying the Studio Finishing Powder on top with a kabuki brush my skin has never looked so even, airbrushed, and flawless!...It's very lightweight and makes my skin feel soft and smooth, and it really does set anything beneath it very well, preventing it from moving or disappearing."

    A miracle in a jar! This 100% pure mineral silica finishing powder is perfect for setting your foundation or wearing alone. The luminous white powder goes on neutral and works on all skin tones. It leaves your skin looking radiant and luminous. Use lightly...a little goes a long way.

  • Mineral Finishing Powder

    "One of the best...Love this...It does look a little powdery if not stipples in correctly, but I can go through my day confident knowing my make up will stay fabulous with this mineral veil...I brought his product about three weeks ago when I got I tested it out on my skin to see what finish this would give my face to my surprise it made my makeup look better and the finish it not to dry does not take time to dry like the spray."

    A mineral finishing powder that sets your favorite look with a flawless finish; skin appears fresh and radiant throughout the day. Just a hint of color provides enough coverage to be worn over makeup or on bare moisturized skin.

  • #NOFILTER Finishing Powder

    "Flawless Skin...Great finish!...I have been using this for a little over a month now... I use over a liquid foundation as a finishing powder (lightly dusting on) and it works wonderfully for that....I got matched for this along with the HD foundation at the del amo mall in LA and I completely fell in love with it."

    Introduce us to someone who doesn’t love a good photo filter, and we’ll introduce you to our secret herd of pet unicorns. Our point? When it comes to getting our picture taken, we all love a good filter. That’s why we created #NoFilter Finishing Powder--our amazing new product that delivers a finish as flawless and soft as the most flattering filters on Instagram and beyond.

  • Makeup Setting Spray - Dewy

    "Works great...Amazing !...I have the greasiest face in the history of time and space, and while I still definitely get shiny and gross after a full day using this, my face lasts decently for about 5 hours longer than without using it....I had not gave this setting spray a go, I had always stuck to the matte finish but decided to try this and I' am amazed by it makes your make up looked air brushed!"

    Demand perfection! For that fresh dewy glow that lasts, the NYX Professional Makeup Setting Spray - Dewy is lightweight and comfortable while working hard to make sure your makeup stays put.

  • DE-SLICK Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray

    "The best...Not bad...I usually avoid setting sprays because they just make me even more oily than I already am, but not this one!...I just recommend to spray it on your face before you put your mascara on, because it makes your eyelashes really clumpy if you spray it on after."

    Purchase DE-SLICK on Urban Decay official boutique. Exclusive luxury products available with secure online payment

  • High Definition Finishing Powder

    "I love this!!!...Best coverage...Of flashback it's unbelievable I love the powder itself but don't get it in white it'll give alot of flashback....I do the baking method when using it (apply with a damp beauty blender, let sit, and then use a brush to buff everything out)."

    A lightweight, translucent finishing powder that helps soften the appearance of fine lines and pores. This silky pressed powder has a fresh matte finish.

  • Blotting Powder

    "I love this....Amazing coverage...Stroking your brush across the pan produces a lot of powder dust, which is not a bad thing, just something to be aware of so as not to be overly aggressive when applying....The light color works perfectly and blends just right into my light/medium to medium complexion."

    Kissed with the barest hint of pigment Blotting Powder takes down the shine without settling into fine lines polishing skin to satin matte perfection.

  • TRAVEL-SIZE ALL NIGHTER Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

    "Really works...Love It!...I love that I can add a small amount of a glitter eyeshadow like SWF to add a bit of sparkle to my look....I find using it, in addition to Glitter Glue eye primer, helps minimize fallout from my sparkly shadows (eg., Moondust) as well as maintaining a "just-applied" look to them."

    Purchase All Nighter Setting Spray Travel Size on Urban Decay official boutique. Exclusive luxury products available with secure online payment

  • CHILL Cooling and Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray

    "Works, but not a "miracle product"...Good for dry skin...I love this product- it makes my makeup last all day and it makes powers look less powder-y....I could be using it wrong, but that seems hard to do."

    Purchase CHILL on Urban Decay official boutique. Exclusive luxury products available with secure online payment

  • TRAVEL-SIZE DE-SLICK Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray

    "Very impressed....Way better than using nothing at all....I live where it's really humid in the summer and this is the only setting spray that works!...Having a very Oily T-Zone and living on the VERY HUMID Gulf Coast of Beautiful Mississippi, URBAN DECAY'S DESLICK SETTING SPRAY isn't just a choice, it is a necessity!!!!"

    Purchase TRAVEL-SIZE DE-SLICK on Urban Decay official boutique. Exclusive luxury products available with secure online payment

  • Fit Me® Matte + Poreless Powder

    "Perfect for on the go!...Great for covering pimples....It's always been a challenge to find a good foundation that matches my skin tone and doesn't wear off throughout the day....I got transparent and I'm glad I did, any other shade would be too dark for me."

    Fit Me! Matte & Poreless Powder, Mattifying Face Powder by Maybelline. Long-lasting shine control up to 12 hours, matches natural skin tone for a poreless looking finish.

  • Fit Me® Set + Smooth Powder

    "Great but.......I love it ....I like the Fit Me products but lately there seems to be a lack of shades available for pale skin....I love using this powder to set my face and under eyes!"

    Fit Me! Set & Smooth Powder, Oil-Free Face Powder by Maybelline. Face powder that naturally sets makeup & smoothes skin's texture for a blended, seamless finish.

  • Facestudio® Master Fix™ Setting + Perfecting Loose Powder

    "I love it!...Pretty good...However, I learned that it wasn't a good product to bake with because when ever I would go out and take a picture with the flash on you could clearly see the under eye highlight and I looked a bit crazy....try this for yourself you'll can fall I love"

    Face Studio Master Fix Setting Loose Powder by Maybelline. Translucent Powder made to mattify & smooth skin, Maybelline Powder for a perfect finish.

  • SFX Setting Powder

    "It's a miracle!...I myself have sensitive skin, and break out easy, and I have to be careful with what I use and this was amazing and my skin gets oily throughout the day and causes my makeup to get patchy and this keeps it all in place....This setting powder is amazing for being a drugstore brand!...Great matte finish!"

    Put an expert touch on every look using our ultra-fine SFX Setting Powder. Created as the perfect match for SFX Créme Colour, this loose setting powder enhances the wear of any pro’s inspired body art or special effects. You can also dust our versatile and velvety soft formula over your everyday makeup for a soft, matte finish. Lightweight and totally translucent, this powder can flawlessly top off any look you dream up!

  • Facestudio® Master Fix Wear-Boosting Setting Spray

    "LOVE the lasting power...At the end of my day, which included work, grocery shopping, and scrubbing floors I was impressed!...My skin is so oily that I can spend an hour making my makeup look perfect only for an hour later, to look like I'd SLEPT in it....My Favorite"

    Face Studio Master Fix Makeup Setting Spray by Maybelline. Boost the wear of your makeup with this weightless Makeup Finishing Spray, prevent melting & fading.

  • Shine Free® Oil-Control Loose Powder

    "it was great when I had acne, and it is still great with my normal skin now....Best drugstore powder...I love the product....I have been using this powder for years and I love it."

    Shine Free Oil Control Loose Powder by Maybelline. Long Lasting, oil free loose powder for shine control that won't clog pores and has a soft, matte finish.

  • Wonder Stick

    "Great item!...love it...i bought at a maim shopping mall months ago , loved it , and had to make sure I got the exact one again ,as I made a mistake and bought the universal one but prefer the 3so1....I bought this about a month ago, but after one use, I found out that the highlighter part of the stick had broken off and I didn't add much pressure while using it, but beside that it's a good product!"

    The Wonder Stick is our ultimate dynamic duo: One side for a brilliant highlight, the other for a sleek contour. Now available in two more highly pigmented color combinations! Each couple is creamy as can be, which allows for beautiful blending. Available in six color-coordinated shade pairings.