Facial Skin Treatments

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  • Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

    "I love it!...Must buy!...I am just so in love with the Creamy Eye Treatment w/Avocado...I love putting this luxe cream under my eyes every morning and since I started using it my eyes appear so bright ( & younger ) and my make up goes on so smoothly....Every night, I really look forward to get a big scoop of this baby and just lather it under my eyes, and fine lines disappear immediately, and skin looks like so soft and hydrated!"

    This creamy preparation with Avocado Oil, gently moisturizes the delicate eye area. Our unique, concentrated texture does not migrate into your eyes. Ophthalmologist-Tested. Dermatologist-Tested.

  • Blue Herbal Acne Cleanser Treatment

    "I LOVE it!...And I love it!...The only problem is that it can be super drying since I have dry skin, so I have to make sure to apply moisturizer directly after cleansing....I than got another bottle , this cleanser is just amazing ,I was 13 when I first got it and my skin has been super clear , and stopped me from having breakouts."

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  • Breakout Control Targeted Acne Spot Treatment

    "amazing for deep rooted acne...I love Kiehls and would recommend their products to everyone....This product works wonders....Maybe I have super dry skin but this stuff is super drying and you must use moisturizer or more acne will appear!"

    This targeted blemish spot treatment helps to rapidly reduce the appearance of acne breakouts. Formulated with Sulfur for acne-clearing and Vitamin B3 for skin, our acne spot treatment blends evenly into skin and works to help reduce the appearance of blemishes.

  • Clearly Corrective™ Brightening & Smoothing Moisture Treatment

    "This was the first Kiehl's product I have ever purchased and it has turned me into a loyal customer!...I will buy this forever....I have been using this for about 2 weeks in conjunction with the Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion & Clearly Corrective Clarity-Activating Toner....I bought this on a whim and I am so happy I did!"

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  • Garnier Sleek & Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment

    "Would buy....Loved it....After applying it the hair looks super oily so I recommend to start with a small amount of product but this oily effect goes away after a couple of hours so I don't usually get worry about putting too much of it ....What really turned me off to this oil treatment is my hair sucked up the oil and my hair was super oily mid day, I tried it the next day using half the amount but my hair still looked too oily for me."

    Hair oil for instant sleek* With Argan Oil from Morocco, Fructis Sleek & Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment is instantly absorbed, delivering concentrated conditioning for strand-by-strand softness, shine, easy smooth styling and frizz control without an oily residue. * With shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment

  • Garnier Damage Eraser Liquid Strength Treatment with Protein

    "Liquid Magic...Liquid Gold!...I love this liquid strength treatment so much that I am trying to get my husband to use it - he has really dry, curly hair and has to be very careful what products he uses in it....I love this liquid strength treatment so much that I'm trying to get my husband to use it - he has really dry, curly hair and has to be very careful what products he uses in it."

    Leave-in hair treatment for damage repair in 1 use* Hair is almost entirely made up of protein, which gives hair its strength. Paraben-free Fructis formulas with Active Fruit Protein™, an exclusive combination of citrus protein, Vitamins B3 & B6, fruit & plant-derived extracts and strengthening conditioners, are designed for healthier, stronger hair. Formulated with Amla Oil Extract, Vegetal Protein & Phytokeratin®, plant-based amino acids similar to those naturally found in hair, our lightweight Fructis Damage Eraser Liquid Strength Treatment with Protein helps bring strength to instantly transform hair back to its undamaged-looking state. DUAL USAGE: Can be used as a daily leave-in or an overnight treatment. * With shampoo, conditioner & leave-in treatment PHYTOKERATIN® is a trademark of Lonza or its affiliates.

  • Mimosa Hair Honey Clarifying Scalp Treatment

    "Love it!!...Love this product....I have been using this product for about a month and have noticed a remarkable improvement with my scalp, no itching and my hair is ot as brittle....I so happy I TRYED this , I love it and I like it does not flake and do not turn white"


  • Mirabelle Plum Dual Oil Treatment

    "This is thee best...Great scalp soother...After using this product, I received compliments that my hair appears thicker....This is my second time buying this product."


  • Perfect 4 Platinum™ Miracle Filler Treatment

    "Love this product....Good but.......I bought this feeling like it had similar benefits as the 21 benefits, but I don't like the 21 benefits even half as much as I love this!...I have used this entire line and my hair can still stand up!"

    Perfect 4 Platinum™ Miracle Filler Treatment

  • Deep Micro-Exfoliating Scalp Treatment

    "It feels amazing when applied, and works....It is just great....As others have mentioned, it is difficult to apply - I part my hair with a fine toothed comb, massage the product into the scalp visible in the part, then move the part over an inch or two and repeat....Perfect to use right before shampooing b/c it allows your shampoo to penetrate scalp deeply for a cleaner wash."

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  • Damage Repairing & Rehydrating Leave-In Treatment

    "I absolutely LOVE this stuff!!...Pleasantly Surprised...I 100% think that everyone should own this wonderful stuff!...This leave-in treatments is excellent for keeping hair moisturized throughout the day."

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  • Butterstick Lip Treatment

    "This is the best lipstick I've ever used!...I highly recommend this product....I would have given this five stars if it was not so expensive....The cap or cover is also a screw on lid so if your traveling with this in your bag or purse, it won't come undone."

    Kiehl’s Butterstick Lip Treatment is a supremely hydrating and smoothing balm with a nourishing blend of oils and butters. Our formula, made with Coconut Oil, instantly melts onto lips, providing a cushion of soothing moisture. With antioxidants, including Lemon Butter, our lip treatment provides year-round protection for lips. Lips feel and look softer, smoother and moisturized, and stay hydrated for up to 12 hours after application. Formulated with 100% natural ingredients.

  • Perfect Platinum - Blonde Hair Color Treatment

    "Blonde glam color enhancer is the best toner on the market....I now use it once or twice a week and I absolutely love it....And your highlights come out perfect....I now use it once or twice a week and I absolutely love it."

    Blonde hair color treatment neutralizes brassiness and preserves warm tones for ultra pale to light blonde locks. Redken's blonde hair color treatment is enriched with Grapeseed Oil to condition and protect hair and with Crystal Mica for additional shimmering shine.

  • Velvet Whip thermal softening treatment

    "i love all redken soft products and especially the velvet whip it gives my hair shine and give it the moisture that it needs....It helps my daughter's hair from looking split and stringy, I use it to make my hair more manageable....It never looks greasy, just adds softness!"

    Instantly restores softness, improves texture and helps provide heat protection for a shiny, luxurious finish.

  • Strength Cure Split End Salve Treatment

    "Keep up the good work!...It's wonderful and I love it so much....One of the best products i've ever heard of!...It's wonderful and I love it so much."

    Strength Cure Split End Salve Treatment

  • Blue Herbal Spot Treatment

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  • Extreme Length Sealer - Treatment for Distressed Hair

    "This product is aMAZing!...The sealer is the "icing on the cake" I use it every day and it helps my hair so much TY TY TY !!!...The sealer is the "icing on the cake" I use it every day and it helps my hair so much TY TY TY !!!...I have noticed an obvious difference in the looks of my hair, especially the ends since my Hairdresser recommended it to me."

    New Extreme Length Sealer with biotin builds strength from root to tip and targets split ends. Extreme Length system of Shampoo, Primer and Sealer helps achieve your maximum hair length - up to 6" in a year.

  • Strength Cure Superfood Treatment

    "I LOVE it!...I use it in place of a conditioner and it detangles my hair, makes it look healthy (no frizz) and shiny and has reduced breakage significantly in the two weeks that I have been using it....My lifesaver!...ITS AMAZING."

    Strength Cure Superfood Treatment

  • Diamond Oil Deep Facets Intensive Treatment

    Hair Oil Treatment by Redken is specifically designed for dry and damaged hair. This deep conditioning mask nourishes, strengthens & replenishes hair to prevent damage & breakage. This hair oil treatment formula boosts hair's natural shine.

  • Defy Energizing Scalp Treatment

    Energizing daily toner to help improve the appearance of normal to thin hair