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  • sage you love me

    "I really like how they blend well together....In the sun it's a beautiful shade of green and in darker areas you can see a soft shade of gray....Love the color"

    a longwear, soft dusty gray with a kiss of green. step 1: apply two coats of gel couture color. step 2: apply gel couture top coat.

  • udon know me

    "I love how this looks like a greyish greenblue color under natural light, remember to shake before use as the colors get layered within a few days...When I found this at my second attempt, I was thrilled, it is the perfect blue that is not too loud and has THE most perfect grey undertones....Although, I did mistaken "Sage You Love Me" Gel Couture for this color (which is nowhere close and I did not like)."

    mysterious stony blue