Fragrant Hair Oils

Check out our selection of Fragrant Hair Oils. 

  • Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Pure Hair Oil

    "One of CD best...Simply amazing...Also has a soft & clean scent....My hair is fine and I cannot use any type of grease on it because my hair will just lay flat on my scalp."


  • Lisa’s Hair Elixir Restoring Hair Oil

    "Great product...Great hair oil...I had a decent smell to it....For example, cut back on a latte, a movie, or something that you do for yourself that does not bring as much satisfaction as having your hair styled just the way you want it."

    Give Your Hair The Ultimate Detox

  • Garnier Smoothing Oil with Coconut Oil & Cocoa Butter extracts 3.4 FL OZ

    "Worked Well...Works great...Totally life changing and smells great....I only have to run the brush through a couple times (which her tender head appreciates) I do have to admit that I don't really notice too much difference in our hair throughout the day, perhaps after more regular usage."

    Deeply smoothes & helps eliminate frizz & flyaways Our luxurious silkening formula, blooms with an exotic fragrance of coconut oil & cocoa butter. It absorbs instantly to deliver strand-by-strand softness, long-lasting smoothness & shine without greasiness.

  • Original Oil

    "Best ever...Love it!!...Incredible texture and smell...Perfect as a prep (I mix it with Nectar Thermique if I'm blowing it out or curl creme if I'm going wavy), and then perfect for smoothing after the blow-out without making my hair feel greasy or heavy."

    Revives the natural strength of hair, providing nourishment deep into the hair fiber and gives the hair ultimate shine. Maize Oil delivers emollient and anti-oxidant active ingredients for ultimate shine Pracaxi Oil for shine, nourishment and deep conditioning to the hair Camellia Oil helps smooth the hair fiber, resulting in incredible shine Argan Oil to restore strength to the hair and protects it from external aggressors

  • Elixir Ultime Bi-Phase Spray Oil

    "I just bought this but so far I absolutely love it....Perfect for days between washes!...Also, I love the smell....It is pricy, but it is worth it because with my fine thin hair it is extremely difficult finding products that work and do not weigh my hair down."

    Our first Bi-Phase Spray Oil expands thickness and volume with ultimate shine and lightweight softness. All the nourishing benefits of hair oils without being weighed down. INTRA-CYLANE® creates a durable intra-cellular network to amplify the diameter of each fiber Maize Oil delivering emollient and anti-oxidant active ingredients for ultimate shine Pracaxi Oil for shine, nourishment and deep conditioning to the hair Camellia Oil helps smooth the hair fiber, resulting in incredible shine Argan Oil to restore strength to the hair and protects it from external aggressors

  • Musk Essence Oil with Roller Ball Applicator

    "My favorite rollerball...It is an amazing oil....Amber is the best fragrance!!...We each love the scent and actually enjoyed the rollerball application-it allows for precise application, and came out perfectly."

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  • Musk Essence Oil

    "I love this product....Love it......I love this scent....So happy to have found Kiehl's and, like others in these reviews, I plead with Kiehls' to Please Brink the Oils Back!"

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  • Bienfait Multi-Vital Daily Replenishing Oil

    "Easily absorbed....great face oil...Wonderful smell and very refreshing to the skin...This works just as good when you need it most....when outside during the hot weather instead of inside getting ready for bed."

    Bienfait Multi-Vital Daily Replenishing Oil

  • Monoi Body Transformative Cream Oil

    "Absorbs nicely into super dry skin...It makes my skin feel amazing....Love the cream oil smell and moisturizer....This Transformative Cream Oil for the body is BY FAR the best I've ever used (I'm a former Korres addict; swore nothing could ever take its place)!"


  • Superbly Restorative Argan Dry Oil

    "it was a good buy....My favorite!...For some reason I LOVE this scent....I did not know exactly what this meant when I purchased it, but I can use it after (yes, after) the shower and it absorbs into the skin and is not at all greasy."

    Our multi-purpose restorative dry oil for the face, body and hair utilizes Moroccan Argan Oil and naturally-derived emollients, enriched with antioxidants and essential fatty acids.This formulation helps to smooth skin and hair while providing a healthy looking radiant sheen. Applied to skin, our instantly absorbed dry oil leaves a silky feel and helps improve its appearance and texture. Used on hair, this uniquely versatile formula helps to smooth split ends and helps restore the appearance of damaged hair.

  • Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil

    "Love this product....I love this face wash!!!...The lavender smell is a nice touch, too!...The switch led to wonderful results, so, wondering if Cetaphil was actually drying my skin, I bought this product from Kiehl's, after reading so many positive reviews."

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    "Great product...Great stuff...It also smells so good....I like that NYX used a combination of beneficial oils, jojoba, avocado, sweet almond, instead of relying on only one oil."

    Lavish your lips with #THISISEVERYTHING Lip Oil—our new, decadent formula that drizzles your pout with the perfect amount of shine. This luxurious lippie is enriched with a unique blend of oils—including almond, avocado, rosehip, and jojoba—and features a lively vanilla-cherry blossom scent.

  • Absolue Precious Oil

    "It's worth to try....I love it!...The smell of the product is heavenly...This oil is amazing... however it does contain lavender oil, which isn't the best for an acne prone skin."

    Absolue Precious Oil

  • Creme de Corps Nourishing Dry Body Oil

    "I've never been one to purchase oils because I've had issues with how they feel on my skin, however, the Creme de Corps dry body oil feels great!...Nice oil...Smells great and not overpowering....My skin absorbs it immediately and it really softens it up."

    This luxurious, lightweight dry oil mists onto skin to help achieve a more refined skin texture-- supple and velvety smooth.

  • Chronologiste® Parfum Oil

    "Forget about the oily feeling, all Kerastase serums, really have a non-greasy finish, ok moving on to the important part....This smells so good and made my hair feel so good....Don't expect it to smell like flowers, or fresh spring, this a scent for an intriguing seductive woman, I will only be using it on special outtings as a Weapon of Seduction!...You will fall in love!"

    Addictive hair fragrance for the exceptional woman. Use to prime, condition and nourish hair. Smoothness. Softness. Luster. Multi-use perfume oil that can be used pre and post styling Delivers intense shine, nourishment and smoothness The highest concentration of noble and luxurious notes for long-lasting fragrant indulgence

  • Bienfait Multi-Vital Daily Replenishing Oil

    "It is amazing....Highly recommended...This oil has a good smell....The results are fabulous."

    Bienfait Multi-Vital Daily Replenishing Oil

  • La Vie Est Belle Bath Oil

    "Very nice and light....This is a nice addition to the fragrance....This is a nice addition to the fragrance....Great addition to my bath ritual."

    La Vie Est Belle Bath Oil

  • Slip Tease Full Color Lip Oil

    "Amazing Formula...I am in Love....Nicely pigmented, wears well, no smell, not streak...I'm very picky when it comes to liquid lipsticks (I dislike both Nyx's Soft Matte Cream and their Liquid Suede), but this is the best one I have tried."

    Give your lips the slip with our new Slip Tease Full Color Lip Oil. Don't be fooled by how lightweight and luxurious it feels. This rule-breaking lip oil comes in 12 pigment-rich shades! Each hue glides on silky-smooth and sets to satin-matte finish that is strikingly vibrant.

  • Énergie de Vie The Smoothing & Purifying Cleansing Oil

    "Thank you Lancome!...This was a free gift with purchase I received with the Energie de Vie gift set for my daughter-in-law....The fragrance is also very refreshing....I can see a major improvement in my skin's texture and tone."

    Énergie de Vie The Smoothing & Purifying Cleansing Oil

  • Mom & Baby Nurturing Body Oil

    "There isn't any "baby" smell to it either....I received a sample of this and absolutely loved it....There is not any "baby" smell to it either....There is not any "baby" smell to it either."

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