Glitter Lip Gloss

Check out our selection of Glitter Lip Gloss. 

  • Unicorn Blood Lip Gloss

    "It's a very sticky formula, but not unwearable....I was and still am excited for these....Glitter makes it worth it....I love these products to add a little sparkle to my daily face and will be buying these in additional colors."

    LIMITED EDITIONGoth meets gloss with our newest lineup of duo-chromatic lippies! Available in five shine-tastic shades ranging from lavender-gold to amethyst-blue, Unicorn Blood Lip Gloss is packed with super-shiny pearls that sparkle through its sheer black base. Perfect for both festival season and this Friday night, each mesmerizing gloss is destined to be your next lippie-fave

  • Butter Gloss

    "Love them!...Love it!!!...I love that it swipes on easy and it isn't sticky or glittery (which is what I hate about lip gloss usually) and has a wonderful amount of pigmentation....I been buying this product for 3 years now it is perfect because in boarding school you can not wear bold colors all the time so I like to stick to mauves and this gloss is just perfect for that is not tacky and it moistures the lips ."

    Buttery soft and silky smooth, our decadent Butter Gloss is now available in 12 more sumptuous shades! Each glossy color delivers sheer to medium coverage that melts onto your lips and is never sticky, leaving your lips soft, supple and kissable.

  • Mega Shine Lip Gloss

    "Love this!...My favorite...I thought it would have more shine, more sparkle - but it's doesn't....The applicator itself is a little tall, but I suppose that could be a good thing to some -- to me it just seems like it deposits too much product on the lips if I'm not careful!"

    Kiss me quick! Our signature Mega Shine Lip Gloss delivers shine moisture and softness and envelops lips with glistening color. The finish is both creamy and steamy and ensures knockout glamour. Available in 35 sinful shades.

  • Duo Chromatic Lip Gloss

    "These lip glosses are a must have!!...The chromatic shine is great!...It has such beautiful glitter in it and makes my lips so highlighted and gorgeous!...I mostly use it as a highlight under my brow & it looks perfect."

    Want totally mesmerizing lips? Then chrome and get ’em with our brand-new Duo Chromatic Lip Gloss loaded with pearls. These lippies deliver awesome shine, a hint of color and an intense, 3-D finish. Each lightweight shade slips onto your lips smoothly without feeling sticky. Swipe them on alone or over any lipstick for an unforgettable effect.

  • Baby Lips® Moisturizing Lip Gloss

    "I absolutely love it!...Super Moisturizing!...Mine was a nice light purple with some glitter or sparkles in it, It was the best thing I have ever paid for, (and that's saying a lot!)....I have always loved maybline and they have brought a brand new and great idea to the world!"

    Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Gloss, Lip Makeup by Maybelline. Formulated with Vitamin E and caring oils to moisturize, smooth, and soften lips for four hours.

  • Intense Butter Gloss Set 6

    "Amazing color pay off...Great Product...My favorites are the roll on eye glitters!...This stuff is so rich with color."

    Whip up countless lip looks with our limited-edition Intense Butter Gloss Sets! Each trendy trio features three shades bursting with glossy color, making them the perfect gift for every beauty lover on your list: Pink Macaroon, Summer Fruit and Cherry Custard.

  • Intense Butter Gloss

    "LOVE IT!!!...In love!...literally this is all so very amazing just how rich the color is and I love how the lip brush is flexible and gives me vibrant coverage in just 3 swipes....Pros: not sticky, great color pay off, easy to use packaging and wand (normally don't like flat flexible wands, but I like this one), smooth application (well for these two colors), and smells great (sweet like a dessert) smells closer to NYX soft matte lip cream than their butter glosses."

    Smother your lips with a silky gloss bursting with color! Our Intense Butter Gloss has the same mouth-watering texture and scent of the original formula with even more color payoff in 12 new delectable shades.

  • Intense Butter Gloss Set 4

    "Love them all!...Feels great on the lips and can not beat the price...I brought this a month so glad I did the color really last if you were to drink or eat something I believe I applied another coat of butter lol gloss!!...I think, every brand has duds, but THEY JUST KEEP WOWING ME!"

    Whip up countless lip looks with our limited-edition Intense Butter Gloss Sets! Each trendy trio features three shades bursting with glossy color, making them the perfect gift for every beauty lover on your list: Oatmeal Raisin, Berry Strudel and Black Cherry Tart.

  • Butter Gloss Set 9

    "I loved how light weight these lip glosses are, they have just enough color!...It truly is butter gloss!...Love the colors and love the formula....Smooth application"

    Craving a dollop of silky-smooth Butter Gloss? Help yourself to our seasonal trios of delectable shades with sheer-to-medium coverage. These fan-fave glosses melt onto lips and deliver a dash of glistening color. Shades in this set include Apple Strudel, Cranberry Biscotti and Angel Food Cake.

  • Butter Gloss Set 8

    "Good Product...These are so moisturizing and not at all sticky!!!!...I absolutely love the color scheme of this buttergloss set!!...I love these butter glosses"

    Craving a dollop of silky-smooth Butter Gloss? Help yourself to our seasonal trios of delectable shades with sheer-to-medium coverage. These fan-fave glosses melt onto lips and deliver a dash of glistening color. Shades in this set include Sugar Plum, Strawberry Parfait and Gelato.

  • Strictly Vinyl Lip Gloss

    "I've never used lip vynil and I'm so glad I did!...I got tons of compliments....I got tons of compliments....It's super shiny, but not tacky."

    Strictly Vinyl Lip Gloss is music to our lips! Available in eight plush and pigment packed shades, this beyond glossy lippie is no one-hit wonder. Hardcore color and intense shine is always just a few swipes away.

  • Super Stay 24® Lip Color

    "Not bad!...Not bad....The colors are super pigmented, I own Constant Toast a beautiful nude color with pinky sparkles and Keep Up the Flame a brownish red....I use the product like it said in the instructions, and for me it tasted like a regular lipstick, the reason I like so much this product is because it feels so ligth, seriously is super ligth, it feels like if you're wearing nothing, and doesnt clump in my lips, after I ate I have to reapply it a little bit and also the lip balm, because is was getting a little bit dry."

    Discover 24-hour long wear, double sided liquid lipstick by Maybelline. Pigmented, long-lasting lip color on one end & a moisturizing lip balm on the other.

  • Cosmic Metals Lip Cream

    "Thank you!...Love it!!...You end up with glitter everywhere....I just bought this (literally hours ago) so I have not worn it for longer then to try it on when I got home so I do not know how long wear or if it transfers as of yet but that eye pencil seemed very smear-proof so hopefully that will reduce it from transferring."

    Intense, multidimensional color collides with the glistening effect of gloss for out-of-this world lips like you’ve never seen before. Now available in six more nude-based shades—from champagne gold and pink to a gorgeous deep brown laced with blue shimmer—our creamy-smooth Cosmic Metals Lip Cream covers your lips in lustrous color and a dazzling metallic finish that feels and looks like a gloss.

  • Glam Lipgloss Aqua Luxe

    "It is amazing!...Absolutely love it!...And the glitter gloss, and is holographic....I bought this a month ago in a few shades & im so happy I did!!"

    Give any look a sparkling touch with a wave of the Glam Lipgloss Aqua Luxe wand. This gloss is packed with glitter and just a hint of color to create the look of full, luminous lips. Our go-to glamorous gloss is now available in five dazzling new shades.

  • Simply Nude Lip Cream

    "Love this!!...Good lip cream...There was glitter all over my mouth....It's incredibly moisturizing, and the pigment is far more bold and rich for the Exposed shade than in pics."

    Bare is beautiful with our Simply Nude Lip Creams available in six earthy shades. Swipe on this velvety and moisturizing cream to leave your lips with a subtle satin finish.

  • Pump It Up Lip Plumper

    "So amazing...Lip fabulous...I bought this in the color lindsay and I really like the soft abd subtle sparkle it has , I have a really thin upper lip and even tho its a "plumping"gloss it did make my upper lip look more defined my bf noticed right.away ....I got this in Kim, & while it's not the post pigmented, it's a nice natural looking shade, & looks great over lipstick."

    Plump your pout with our Pump It Up Lip Plumper. This flirty lippie is available in nine sheer shades—from baby pink, to peach and shimmery champagne. Swipe on these little beauties alone or over your lipstick for a wash of color.

  • Butter Lip Balm

    "So Amazing...Love it~...I love this product with one exception: it's too glittery for my test....Panna cotta is probably my favorite just because it is subtle enough to be worn without any other makeup and it goes well with my medium skin tone and blue eyes."

    Dip your lips in a sheer wash of color with our Butter Lip Balm. 8 decadent hues. One swipe leaves dry lips feeling supple and hydrated.

  • Xtreme Lip Cream

    "Love it!...OMG so great...Other than the color of Candy Land, both were perfect and the product has a super smooth formula that feels great!...Applies like a lipgloss without being goopy, just the right amount of shine (not too glossy), beautifully pigmented."

    Beautify your lips with this velvety rich lip cream that provides extreme pigmentation with a silky and glossy finish. This lip cream is a hybrid of lipstick and lip gloss with intense pigmentation all-in-one. Complete your head-turning look with the variety of luscious colors.

  • Lip Primer

    "Love worth it...While I really love all of my cost-conscious lip products from NYX, I'm sure we all have some more expensive lipsticks and can agree that nothing is more disappointing than smudging on a pricey product only to have it fade an hour just apply it before your favorite lipstick or gloss and you have this perfect smooth lip no wonders!!!!!:)"

    Instant gratification for your lips. Create the perfect canvas for lip color with this texture and color enhancing superhero. Lip Primer ensures that your lip product lasts and does not go outside the lines. Somebody get this product a cape!

  • Epic Ink Lip Dye

    "Amazing lip stain!...Amazing Color!...I love lip products and I have been a NYX user for a while, so I was stoked when I found these lip stains at Ulta over the weekend....I actually I really love this product- it's a liquid stain (like the consistency of a wood dye/stain)- and with proper application applies just fine."

    Drench your kiss in knockout color! A stroke of Epic Ink Lip Dye coats lips with a downright dramatic stain. Super-saturated and lightweight, our formula dries to a Matte finish. This stunning lip dye is an absolute makeup bag must-have. Rock it alone for an effortlessly vibrant look. Or give your favorite lippies a boost by wearing it under a similar shade!