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  • Initialiste

    "Best product!...Works great!...Since using this product, I've seen inches of new hair growth and my hair looks shiny and healthy!...This is an excellent prep, I see more hairs growing, filling in thin spots and I don't know why but I hardly have any hair fall when I use this."

    Transform your hair in 7 days with Initialiste. Our 1st skincare-inspired super serum that acts on the four attributes of total hair beauty: 1. Strength, 2. Shine, 3. Softness, 4. Substance. 9 out of 10 women* saw a visible difference in their hair texture after one week. With continued usage, your hair stays healthier from root to tip allowing it to grow longer† with 93% less breakage.** A must-have for all hair types. Maximize the potential length of your hair. Keep it longer and stronger as it grows.† 89% agreed that their hair is SHINIER. 87% felt that their hair is thicker with MORE SUBSTANCE. 86% felt that their hair is STRONGER and SOFTER to the touch. *Consumer use test over 7 days.**In a brushing test compared to a non-conditioning shampoo.†Reduces breakage so hair can grow longer. Lightweight, silky textureAbsorbs instantly without residue Fresh and delicate fragranceTargeted pipette application SP94, powerful, gluco-peptide that enhances hair fiber’s resilience, structure & strength to activate KAPs synthesis 6 Amino Acids, each attaches itself to damaged areas of the hair to compensate for the loss of mass Wheat Protein Derivative, strong affinity with the hair fiber, restores uniformity and smoothness Ressurection Sap: Sourced from the Myrothamnus Flabellifolia plant - known for its ability to come back to life after 10 years near death - helps preserve the structure of the fiber

  • Lisa’s Hair Elixir 7-In-1 Complete Conditioner

    "Great conditioner...WE LOVE IT....Hair Growth Booster...I've never used a conditioner that my hair responded so instantly to that did not irritate to my super sensitive scalp."

    The Hair Health Booster

  • Monoi Strengthen & Style Duo

    "Uber good...Good Stuff...In time my beautician also noticed hair growth where the breakage had occurred....Once I began using Monoi Oil after I take the twists out in the morning, I noticed I can get the shine and lengthening of my hair, without losing the defintion of the curls."

    SAVE 15% ($55 VALUE)

  • Marguerite's Magic Restorative Cream

    "It Works!...Best Ever...Hopefully this helps aid in her hair growth....It does not weigh the hair down it remain light and add a great shine Thank you Carol for making your dream and desire a reality and enlighten the life of many women enabling use to deals with our tress, with the right products it is a breeze."


  • Lisa’s Hair Elixir Restoring Hair Oil

    "feels great!!!...Great Review...I love this oil because it promotes hair growth and makes my hair shiny and strong....The use of this oil on wash day was amazing as I usually had to moisturize for several days to get my hair back fo it is moisturizes state."

    Give Your Hair The Ultimate Detox

  • Jada's Dynamic Duo

    "Dynamic Duo...Great Products...Less breakage, more hair growth, less split ends and less frizz....I have tried numerous products for my hair but nothing really seems to give my hair the moisture that it really needs."

    Jada Pinkett-Smith's Secret to Healthy Hair

  • Healthy Hair Butter

    "Love it !...THE BOMB....Great for hair growth !!...Healthy Hair Butter will work at repairing the damage life has caused, but it will not add the moisture needed to offset your hair looking dull and being difficult to comb-run your fingers through."

    20-Year Favorite!

  • Monoi Repairing Hair Mask

    "I love it....Love it!!!!!...The main thing to hair growth is a healthy scalp and ends....I have always used salon coloring and top of the line products in my hair, so needless to say after all the heat and chemicals my hair have been through after all the years I am lucky that it is in as good as shape as it is."

    Monoi Repairing Hair Mask

  • Monoi Intense Repair Set

    "Love it ....I love it!...Best thing for long healthy hair growth...My hair went from, meaphorically speaking, like going on camping trip with your family for vacation (which is fun -my hair was nice before) to going to the Turk's or Hawaii for vacation with your family and being bathed in beauty that u didn't know existed (which for my hair have been a thousand x's better."

    SAVE 20% ($91 VALUE) 92% Less Breakage, 5X Hair LIfe

  • Monoi Supersize Repairing Hair Mask

    "Love it...Love it!...I've very curly African hair, and I've noticed considerable hair growth and softness....The mask is just an extra layer of protection against shedding, product buildup and breakage."

    96% Less Breakage, 13X Hair LIfe

  • Mirabelle Plum Weightless Hair Mask

    "I love it...I have relaxed hair and it's really thin and weak....I also love that it contains Biotin, which is essential for hair growth, and nourishment....My hair is growing back slowly but it has been super DRY!"


  • Densifique® Minoxidil

    "100% recommend...Excited to try the rest of the line!...a new hair growth...I trust Kerastase and L'Oreal and am so happy that I got it and will continue to use it forever."

    Our 1st ever FDA-approved treatment clinically proven to help regrow hair. Penetrates into the scalp to revitalize the hair follicle & promote NEW growth.* *It takes time to regrow hair, results may be visible for women after using Minoxidil regularly for 4 months. The amount of hair regrowth is different for each person. Minoxidil will not work for everyone. Stop using product if you do not see hair regrowth after 4 months and see your doctor. **See Product Insert Last Chance! Get this scalp treatment before it is gone forever! Add this product to cart and apply the code FINAL20 at checkout to receive 20% off this item.

  • Monoi Repairing Sulfate-Free Shampoo

    "Monoi I love...Thank you....In November 2011 I went back to a relaxer and had to cut my hair to cover the breakage, which means that all of the hair growth that occurred while wearing the weave, I lost....I used this shampoo once along with the other monoi products and I am pleased with the results.I felt the strength in my hair and I did not loose any hair after combing."

    98% Less Breakage, 13X Hair LIfe

  • Garnier Triple Nutrition Marvelous Oil Hair Elixir

    "Great hair oil...Good product....I am an avid user of hair oils and I apply them for certain benefits such as hair growth and moisturizing and style finishers....I've very thick, long, dry, curly hair, and it's very difficult to find a good moisturizing oil that doesn't make my hair look dirty/greasy or sticky/stiff."

    Hair oil for 3X moisture* This multi-use oil with Avocado, Olive and Almond instantly delivers intense nourishment to treat dry to very dry hair without greasiness. * With shampoo, conditioner & leave-in treatment

  • Almond Milk Daily Damage Repair Set

    "Hair wonder...The best...Can wait to see how my new hair growth stars coming in!!...This is a really great product because the shampoo & conditioner replenish & nourish your hair straight down to the root."

    Almond Milk Daily Damage Repair Set

  • Olive Oil Infusion

    "Great product!...Best product...I use it to stretch my relaxers and it has aided in my hair growth....I am about 3 years natural, I have also grown out a bad bleach job, and I was struggling with the idea of texturizing to make my hair more manageable."


  • Lisa’s Hair Elixir Duo

    "Great Products!...I love this duo!...I wear a lot of sew ins and my scalp needed a good detox, for much more healthier hair growth, I've experienced this in a few washes healthy scalp and hair!...I got a deluxe sample of this duo when I ordered the Monoi hairspray, which is excellent and one of my holy grail products."

    SAVE 12% ($42 VALUE) Give Your Hair The Ultimate Detox

  • Lisa’s Hair Elixir Fortifying Scalp Spray

    "It relieves itching....A tremendous help...It's a non abrasive way to exfoliate your scalp and to promote healthy hair growth....Now that I have been using the product for a few weeks I am noticing stronger hair which feels clean and there are no flakes in sight which I truly thought was impossible and I can now go weeks and my scalp maintains that just washed feel."

    Give Your Hair The Ultimate Detox

  • Garnier Repairing Shampoo Honey Treasures 12.5 FL OZ

    "Loving it...Love it....I have new hair growth too!...It is a great natural wholesome quality shampoo and definitely is worth more than what I pay for it at my local Walmart.I definitely recommend Garnier Whole Blends products they are quality natural products that make your hair look amazing, feel amazing, and be amazing!"

    Repairing shampoo strengthens & heals damage Our creamy, lush formula, blooms with a delicious fragrance of royal jelly, honey & propolis, bringing to life our wholesome care that strengthens hair and helps prevent split ends & breakage* Also available in 22 oz. *When using the Garnier Whole Blends Repairing system of shampoo & conditioner.

  • Garnier Smoothing Shampoo with Coconut Oil & Cocoa Butter extracts 12.5 FL OZ

    "My fav!...Love it....Great smell, great feeling, and it has a hair growth enhancer which is coconut....Great shampoo, can be a little too harsh and strip too much of the necessary natural hair and scalp oils so it'sn't good to use EVERY single day, but washing your hair every single day isn't good regardless with any shampoo and will also strip too much of those oils."

    Smoothing shampoo tames & controls frizzy hair Our velvety formula, blooms with an exotic fragrance of coconut oil & cocoa butter, bringing to life our wholesome care that nourishes hair and tames frizz & flyaways.* Also available in 22 oz. *When using the Garnier Whole Blends Smoothing system of shampoo & conditioner