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  • Monoi Repairing Sulfate-Free Shampoo

    "the best...I love it....The young lady that checked me out was a young gorgeous black girl and she mentioned that she loved this shampoo and conditioner, I thought to my self why would she with beautiful hair need a product that stopped hair loss?...I use a silicone-free conditioner (planning to get Lisa's Elixir conditioner next) and apply a few drops of argan oil after the shower but this was my pre-CD ritual as well--this shampoo has made all the difference!!"

    98% Less Breakage, 13X Hair LIfe

  • Monoi Repairing Conditioner

    "the best...Thank you!...Does NOT Detangle, Some Hair Loss!...I have used this conditioner as a 10-15 minute deep conditioner on wet hair while in the shower, but I do get the same if not better results applying this directly to dry hair as it has enough water in it to dampen my hair just enough upon application ."

    92% Less Breakage, 5X Hair LIfe

  • Garnier Olia 4.0 - Dark Brown

    "Loved it!...I love olia....Almost no hair loss when using the product (FAR-more gentler than the peroxide types --in truth there is no comparison)....Second when I was applying the color to my hair it was applying so easily without tons of dripping (saved my face from being colored YAY) and it covered so well."

    Our 1st oil powered permanent haircolor for brilliant color and visibly healthier hair. The oil powered technology propels colorants deep into the hair, without ammonia, giving you pure, vivid, long-lasting color. Olia visibly improves and restores hair as the oils help to reverse roughness and dullness for more brilliant, long-lasting color. Hair is Hydrated, Silky and up to 3X Shinier than unwashed, uncolored hair. How is Olia different? Unlike traditional haircolor, Olia uses an exclusive 60% oil blend with natural flower oils to achieve brilliant, radiant color results. The unique non-drip velvet cream formula propels colorants into the hair--without ammonia--with a pleasant sensorial fragrance. Is this shade right for me? Garnier Olia shade 4.0, "Dark Brown," is a natural brown shade that is one shade lighter than Olia shade 3.0, "Darkest Brown." It provides 100% gray coverage and is best for anyone with natural hair between light brown and black. If you prefer a lighter color that still reflects naturally, try shade 5.0, "Medium Natural Brown." If you would like to remain in the dark brown range but would like to try other reflects and tones, there are many shades to choose from including 4.03, 4.15, 4.3, 4.35, 4.60, and 4.62. *For women with currently color treated hair, there are special considerations for the color result you can achieve. Because of this, we do not recommend shade 4.0 for hair that has been previously colored shade 3.0, "Darkest Brown," or darker. For more help, use our Shade Selector Tool to find the perfect shade for you!

  • Monoi Repairing Anti-Breakage Spray

    "The Best...I LOVE IT!!!...Your search for reducing hair loss during detangling and ridding yourselves of those nasty single strain knots are over! adds moisture without weighing my hair down.i have very curly hair (American indian,caucasian)that I do not like and it relaxes my natural curl (which I love) and is great when I blow my hair straight.highly recommended."

    Stop the #1 Cause of Breakage

  • Lisa’s Hair Elixir Clarifying Sulfate-Free Shampoo

    "THANK YOU!...Great product...I had this recommended to me for hair loss prevention, I will continue to use it for such....My scalp was also itch free for about 4-5 days after and that is a big deal for me."

    Give Your Hair The Ultimate Detox

  • System 1 Shampoo

    "It's a good product and IT WORKS!...It has stopped my shedding and excessive hair loss....It has stopped my shedding and excessive hair great!"

    Restorative cleanser for hair and scalp

  • Garnier Repairing Mask Honey Treasures 10.1 FL OZ

    "I Love This...A great start...There was not a great deal of hair loss while washing out....I would definitely use this a part of a routine, because it did feel nourishing and smelled great, but for black hair, you will still need your normal line of products, detanglers, leave in conditioners, oils etc. in addition to this."

    Generous rinse-out treatment repairs for healthier, stronger hair Our rich reconstructing system, blooms with a delicious fragrance of royal jelly, honey & propolis, bringing to life our wholesome care that helps mend damage and brittleness, and strengthen strands for renewed, healthier hair.

  • Monoi Strengthen & Style Duo

    "I LOVE it!...Great Shine...I now have thick strong hair Before I used the hair strengthener I had huge hair loss when I combed and washed my hair The is no such hair loss any more and I'm satisfied and pleased I continue to purchase and use Monoi strengthener because it works...I have fine hair which turns greasy by the end of the day no matter what I do... I love this product, as it add the good shine and, more importantly, good strength to my strands... very little goes a very long way..."

    SAVE 15% ($55 VALUE)

  • Monoi Luxe Invincible Set

    "A Miracle...Love It...I wash and condition in my shower, and the conditioner allows me to comb through without any tangles or hair loss....Before using this product I was sweeping my bathroom floor every other day, and now three months later i'm down to sweeping my hair off of the floor once a week."

    SAVE 12% ($74 VALUE) 98% Less Breakage, 13X Hair LIfe

  • Monoi Intense Repair Set

    "Great Products...just better....My hair has sheen, and set angles easily with next to no hair loss....I love the Monoi collection, but I stopped using it for a while thinking that I would find a more affordable equivalent in my local grocery."

    SAVE 20% ($91 VALUE) 92% Less Breakage, 5X Hair LIfe

  • Lisa’s Hair Elixir Duo

    "Amazing Product...Great Product...I read about what it does and especially how it may help with hair loss and thinning....My mother let me borrow her lisa's hair elixir and OMG!My hair smells good, got really super clean, and so soft.Thank you Lisa for amazing product line."

    SAVE 12% ($42 VALUE) Give Your Hair The Ultimate Detox

  • Amino Acid Shampoo

    "The Best!...Love the shine...The amino acid shampoo smells good, and the most important thing is that my hair loss problem gets to be solved....My hair is not oily at the end of the day, it feels just as clean at night as it does right after the shower."

    Amino Acid and Coconut Oil derived cleansers are combined to create a delightful, creamy lather that gently yet thoroughly cleanses the hair. Wheat Proteins and Wheat Starch help add body and fullness while a special blend of moisturizing ingredients imparts softness and shine. Suitable for all hair and scalp types when mildness is desired.

  • Garnier Curl Stretch Loosening Pudding

    "Loved it!...I love it!...After using Garnier fructis curl nourish loosing pudding I felt like a brand new woman my curls where maintainable and not out of control and frizzy it helped me gain a whole new confidence about going in to public I cant wait to tell my friends how this product has mad me feel and how it left my hair beautiful and shining for the whole world to see...I recently started wearing hair curly but wasn't satisfied with the results from numerous products, either it was too flakey, no hold or very drying.I was happy to see how well the loosing pudding worked and smelled."

    Treat and style in one easy step for soft, defined, natural curls. 2016 Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner. Wish you could transform your natural curls into loosened, nourished waves? Garnier Fructis Style Curl Stretch Loosening Pudding styles and treats in 1 step to nourish and elongate natural curls for a wavy look without any crunch! HOW DOES IT WORK? Velvety smooth, silky rich pudding formula with coconut oil replenishes moisture in natural curls for an ultra-dose of nourishment without greasy build-up. It creates soft, natural waves with no crunch. Results: Treat and style in one easy step for soft, defined, natural curls. Nourish, stretch and elongate curls. Creamy texture with hydrating coconut oil.

  • Garnier Curl Scrunch Controlling Gel

    "Loved it...I love it...I received this product free for testing and absolutely loved it I used it during Halloween at a party and it lasted me all night it kept my curls looking very defined and smooth all night....I applied it and it did a nice job of helping to keep my curls in tact nicely and helped to eliminate some of the frizz, but I was disappointed in the fact it didn't really have a moisture component."

    Extra-strong control for defined curls Tame the mane, rule the curl! Garnier Fructis Style Curl Scrunch Controlling Gel for curly hair creates defined, volume-controlled curls for lasting hold free of frizz, flyaways, and flaky residue. HOW DOES IT WORK Curl Scrunch Gel is a non-drying, nourishing formula containing curl-binding agents and silicone to lock in shape and shine, leaving you with gorgeous, defined curl control without the frizz.

  • Garnier Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum

    "Love it!!!...I loved it...My 1st pumped it out I thought it was going to be very oily and leave a residue on my hair but to my surprise it soaked right in and left my hair looking shiny and sleek instead of the dry frizziness that I'm used to....I think this product would really stand out and be beneficial to someone who has thick hair that gets wavy or unmanageable in the summer, and I will be recommending it to my friends who fit this description."

    Hair serum for instant sleek* Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum with Argan Oil from Morocco soaks into frizzy, dry, unmanageable hair for lasting smoothness and shine. * With shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment

  • Garnier Sleek & Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment

    "Would buy....Loved it....After applying it the hair looks super oily so I recommend to start with a small amount of product but this oily effect goes away after a couple of hours so I don't usually get worry about putting too much of it ....What really turned me off to this oil treatment is my hair sucked up the oil and my hair was super oily mid day, I tried it the next day using half the amount but my hair still looked too oily for me."

    Hair oil for instant sleek* With Argan Oil from Morocco, Fructis Sleek & Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment is instantly absorbed, delivering concentrated conditioning for strand-by-strand softness, shine, easy smooth styling and frizz control without an oily residue. * With shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment

  • Marguerite's Magic Restorative Cream

    "DA BOMB!!...Love It~...Oh I almost forgot, if your hair is very kinky put a fingertip full into your palm and rub hands together briskly so the product becomes clear then smooth over each section of hair....As a result, I've since ordered the Monoi shampoo, conditioner, anti breakage spray, the serum and the hair balm, all of which I used 5 days ago and my hair loves all of these products."


  • Garnier Smooth Blow Dry Anti-Frizz Cream

    "Lively hair...Hair worthy...I am in love with this product, I have used some similar products before but let me start of with the smell it is amazing not to strong but you are able to smell it throught out the day nothing sweet either its more of a fresh clean smell....I was really happy with the results that I got from the smooth blow dry cream, less frizz,hair that's smooth and manageable, it also cut down on my blow dry& straightening time also a little goes a long way ."

    Anti-frizz cream for easy, smooth, long lasting blowouts Want to achieve beautiful smooth blowouts, at home? Smooth Blow Dry Anti-Frizz Cream helps you master your blowouts: easy, smooth and long-lasting. HOW DOES IT WORK Our lightweight paraben-free formula, with fairly & sustainably sourced Argan Oil from Morocco, helps achieve easy blowouts. No pulling, no tugging. Tames frizz for smooth & shiny results that lasts for 24 hours. Protects against heat damage. GET INSPIRED! For a Sleek Blowout, use a paddle brush for a smooth, sleek look. Blow-dry hair in sections positioning nozzle downward as you brush your hair down. For a Bouncy Blowout, use a round brush for added body. Wrap hair around brush and blow dry by positioning nozzle downward as you slowly unwind hair. For more looks, tips and fun visit our Style Hub.

  • Oléo-Curl

    "Very nice....It is ok...I was already a huge fan of Kerastase products generally for my dry, color-treated hair, so I was excited to receive a sample of the Oleo-Curl free from Influenster....I loved this product in addition to the cleansing conditioner product, which made my hair feel soft and my curls look more defined than with my usual wash."

    Defining suppleness cream promotes relaxed, frizz-free curls with hydration and shine. Enhances curl shape and definition without rigidity. Pro-Kératine Complex technology to smooth the hair surface leaving hair replenished and smoothed Hydrolyzed Elastin for elasticity to the hair texture, strength and definition to the hair

  • Garnier Smooth Air Dry Anti-Frizz Cream

    "Loving it!...I love it!...I do not typically use any products and just let my hair air dry after the shower, but I like how this product works, it is not oily or greasy, and my hair looks better with less creasing from a ponytail....After air drying hair stays well, just a little frizz but it is not like when I let it dry without anything put, this time I was very good during the day, and the best thing is that I save time since I do not have to use Iron or make me waves, this saves me a lot and to arrive on time, I really liked it a lot, I will follow it using."

    Anti-frizz cream for a natural-looking air-dried hairstyle Searching for a natural-looking air-dried hairstyle without the frizz? Smooth Air Dry Anti-Frizz Cream disciplines frizz without heat for an effortlessly smooth undone style. HOW DOES IT WORK Our lightweight fast absorbing paraben-free formula, with fairly and sustainably sourced Argan Oil from Morocco, controls frizz and holds hair’s natural shape while you air dry your hair. Hair is smooth and shiny with a product-free feel. GET INSPIRED! For an Accentuated Wave, scrunch and twist damp hair around fingers, right after application. For more looks, tips and fun visit our Style Hub.