L'oreal Facial Treatments

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  • Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate

    "Love this...Love it....I've tried Estee Lauder, Chanel, Avalon Organics, Kiss My Face, Clinique, L'Oreal, Elizabeth Arden, DHC, H2O-+, and Eremis and this is by far what I've had the most successful results with and will continue to use!...Line-Reducing Concentrate does just that... I am 48 and have small lines on forehead, crows feet, and around my lips (even though I NEVER smoked)... since I started using this product a few months ago I definitely see improvement in all of these areas."

    Now formulated with even more Vitamin C, Dermatologist Solutions™ Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate is infused with 10.5% L-Ascorbic Acid and 2% Ascorbyl Glucoside. Our new and improved formula offers extensive skin benefits:

  • Garnier Clearly Brighter Anti-Puff Eye Roller

    "Love it...This is genius!...I only gave 4 stars though because I felt that the amount of product dispensed was inconsistent, sometimes it rolled on a good amount and others I got practically nothing....The Garnier SkinActive Clearly Brighter Anti-Puff Eyeroller feels wonderful to use and doesn't leave any tightness around my eyes the way some other rollers I've tried did."

    Instantly refreshes. Reduces puffiness and brightens. This gel formula with Antioxidant Vitamin C, Mint, and Caffeine instantly cools and refreshes. The micro-stimulating roll-on applicator helps de-puff and reduce the look of under-eye bags. Roll away under-eye puffiness for a brighter, more rested look! FLAMMABLE UNTIL DRY. DO NOT USE NEAR FIRE, FLAME OR HEAT. Results: Instantly cools and refreshes skin around the eye area. In 2 weeks, the look of under-eye puffiness and visible bags are reduced.

  • Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask

    "This Works!...Good one!...I was applying my hair masque and decided to do the same with my face while sitting in the hot bath...perfect combination of beautiful hair and skin emerged....I have used other clay masques, that are more expensive and claim to yield similar results as to this one, and nothing beats this clay masque from Kiehl's."

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  • Garnier Clearly Brighter Overnight Leave-On Peel

    "I love the peel....This is a must buy...I don't have many dark spots or blemishes but I loved the refreshed feeling after I applied this mask.My skin is sensitive and dry so I hesitate to try new products.But Garnier products are always good on my skin and work great....Probably tested on animals.No signs of fading of dark spots.No signs of better skin texture.Overall, I'm not mad at it, but I don't see or feel any improvement in my skin."

    Gently evens skin tone and minimizes the look of dark spots. This gentle, yet powerful leave-on peel with Glycolic Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (AHA) and Vitamin C, effectively evens skin tone and reduces the look of dark spots while you sleep. Wake up to freshm more radiant-looking skin. Results: Clinically proven results.* In 1 week, skin's texture is refined. In 4 weeks, the apperance of dark spots and visible discoloration is diminished resulting in a brighter, more even skin tone. *In a clinical test

  • Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate

    "Fantastic Results...You won't regret it!...Important point for marketing: You need better demo's - NONE of the product demos really help because the people aren't really using the product and its obvious....I have acne and acne scaring, this is a great product and my acne has almost gone away and the scaring is clearing in less than two weeks."

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  • Skin Elixir - Balance

    "I love this!...great for skin!...I feel like it even gets ride of any puffiness under my eyes (I wake up at 4am to go to work every morning with tired eyes, naturally)....The primer left my skin soft and smooth but I don't think NYX gives you enough product for the price."

    Boost balance with our potent skin elixir that is infused with tea tree oils. Use this product regularly for a renewed complexion. Your rejuvenated skin will feel smooth and naturally primed for makeup application.

  • Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Mask

    "Brighter and Tighter...I like it!...I have been recently battling hyper pigmentation and just an overall change in how even my skin tone looks, but this made a difference....I am looking forward to using up all the various other masks I have and switching to this one permanently."

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  • Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer

    "Incredibly refreshing!...It is incredible....You will notice it has a slight cooling sensation, so you will feel awake and aware afterwards....I have had several favorite Kiehl's products over the last 20 years of fanaticism."

    This lightweight cooling de-puffing eye stick is formulated with caffeine and refreshing Arctic Root to minimize puffiness, and to help revive and awaken tired eyes. Convenient and portable packaging also allows the formula to glide on easily, providing an instant cooling effect.

  • Skin Elixir - Renew

    "makes my makeup glide smooth....Wonderful product...It halped tame my dry skin and worked great as a primer....I love this primer, not oily at all, and makes my makeup glide smoothly."

    Our renewing skin elixir helps encourage vibrant and healthy looking skin thanks to coenzyme Q10. Apply a drop of this skin boosting potion to a clean and moisturized face before applying foundation. Use regularly and help your skin be its radiant best!

  • Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Packette Sample

    "Smooth on every day let it dry put on my moisturizer and go - my skin is smooth and supple and I love it - it is not greasy at all!!...Smooth on every day let it dry put on my moisturizer and go - my skin is smooth and supple and I love it - it's not greasy at all!!...Smooth on every day let it dry put on my moisturizer and go - my skin is smooth and supple and I love it - it's not greasy at all!!"

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  • Ultra Facial Masque Packette Sample

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  • Nightly Refining Micro Peel Packette Sample

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  • Age Defender Power Serum Packette Sample

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  • Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

    "Must buy!...Eye Bliss...I am younger (24) and have acne-prone skin but I have always loved the idea of a rich eye cream (rather than a gel or serum) because despite hazing an oily T-zone, my undereye area is dry....If I am going to put on makeup I dress first then apply makeup and by that time the Creamy Eye Treatment has absorbed into my skin enough so I do not have any difficulty whatsoever, but I also have a smooth, hydrated palate under my eyes for my concealer."

    This creamy preparation with Avocado Oil, gently moisturizes the delicate eye area. Our unique, concentrated texture does not migrate into your eyes. Ophthalmologist-Tested. Dermatologist-Tested.

  • Blue Herbal Acne Cleanser Treatment

    "What a miracle...It's a winner!...Years of having sensitive skin with less than moderate, but more than mild acne and I never was satisfied or felt comfortable with my face....I bought this cleanser after reading that Kylie Jenner used it (I know, pathetic!) but I've to say that I am completely in love with this cleanser."

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  • Breakout Control Targeted Acne Spot Treatment

    "I also like pairing it with the acne lotion....Then I tried this stuff and it's AMAZING....I love Kiehls and would recommend their products to everyone....I put this on at night and in the morning I can already tell a huge difference."

    This targeted blemish spot treatment helps to rapidly reduce the appearance of acne breakouts. Formulated with Sulfur for acne-clearing and Vitamin B3 for skin, our acne spot treatment blends evenly into skin and works to help reduce the appearance of blemishes.

  • Clearly Corrective™ Brightening & Smoothing Moisture Treatment

    "I'm beginning to see fading in my acne scars and my face is visibly brighter....I bought this on a whim and I'm so happy I did!...I have many items in this line, but this is by far my favorite....My scars are now light pink and overall, my skin is brighter."

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  • Garnier Sleek & Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment

    "It's great...Would buy....I prefer the Verb's Ghost Oil or L'Oreal Mythic Oil on my dry hair just because they're much lighter....I've used it many times when I've had flyaways and a bit of frizz, when this happens I use a small amount like a pea size, rub palms together then apply to hair that way it doesn't just stick to one spot and then you end up with an oily looking spot on your hair."

    Hair oil for instant sleek* With Argan Oil from Morocco, Fructis Sleek & Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment is instantly absorbed, delivering concentrated conditioning for strand-by-strand softness, shine, easy smooth styling and frizz control without an oily residue. * With shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment

  • Mirabelle Plum Dual Oil Treatment

    "Outstanding Product!...I love this oil....Does this have anything to do with loreal,s purchase of Carol's Daughter....I purchased this last month to help with my dry, flaky scalp and dry hair."