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  • Monoi Repairing Hair Mask

    "I love it....Love it!!!!!...I have low porosity, 4a and 4b hair type, long transitioning hair....I have always used salon coloring and top of the line products in my hair, so needless to say after all the heat and chemicals my hair have been through after all the years I am lucky that it is in as good as shape as it is."

    Monoi Repairing Hair Mask

  • Monoi Strengthen & Style Duo

    "Uber good...Good Stuff...After doing research on low Porosity I stumbled upon a Carol's Daughter video on YouTube stating that I should use the Monoi hair Serum....Once I began using Monoi Oil after I take the twists out in the morning, I noticed I can get the shine and lengthening of my hair, without losing the defintion of the curls."

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  • Marula Curl Therapy Collection

    "Great curls....My new love!...I've 3c 4a low porosity, fine strands....perhaps others understand them better than I but, it would be great if there were more "steps" in between some of the "spteps" alredy provided."


  • Marguerite's Magic Restorative Cream

    "It Works!...Best Ever...After reading and researching terms such as elasticity, protein, moisture, porosity etc., I then became more cognizant of the ingredients in the products I was using and their interaction with my hair....It does not weigh the hair down it remain light and add a great shine Thank you Carol for making your dream and desire a reality and enlighten the life of many women enabling use to deals with our tress, with the right products it is a breeze."


  • Monoi Repairing Collection 3-Piece Starter Kit

    "Good stuff!...I love Monoi...My Mom sent me this product after I told her I was looking for some porosity control products for my hair....But I love this product, after reading the good reviews I bought the trial size of the monoi product- I can literally feel my curls bounce when I walk !!!!"

    98% Less Breakage, 13X Hair LIfe

  • Garnier Replenishing Conditioner with Virgin-Pressed Olive Oil & Olive Leaf Extracts

    "Great Buy!!!...Great product!!...I'm thinking that my hair's porosity just isn't suited for this formula....It is paraben and silicon free so it does not weigh your hair down and it has not been harsh on my color like most drug store shampoo's and conditioner's."

    Replenishing Conditioner renews softness, shine & suppleness. Our Garnier Whole Blends silicone-free and paraben-free, replenishing formula for dry hair, blooms with a caring fragrance of virgin-pressed olive oil & olive leaf, bringing to life our wholesome care that replenishes dried out hair from root to tip without weigh down. Results: With every wash, reveal replenished hair that’s renewed with flowing softness & shine with no weigh down * When using the Garnier Whole Blends Legendary Olive Replenishing system of shampoo & conditioner

  • Monoi Repairing Conditioner

    "Its wonderful!...Its perfect....Hair porosity was mentioned, and it sort of piqued my interest and so I looked up attributes of High, Normal, and Low porosity hair....I use this and the shampoo daily and the mask once a week plus the anti-breakage spray daily and I could not be happier with my hair."

    92% Less Breakage, 5X Hair LIfe

  • Hair Milk 4-in-1 Combing Creme

    "Love this!...So glad I ordered!!...This may not be ideal for high porosity curlies 4a-4c but by gosh it's perfect for low porosity....I hair naturally curly hair and always had a hard time finding a product that made my hair look always hydrated without feeling greasy."


  • Almond Milk Leave-In Conditioner

    "Worth it...This stuff is great!...(Hair type: 4A; low porosity; medium-high density; thin, medium and thick strands) I have been using this product for about 3 months....I love the fragrance of this leave-in as well... it lingers lightly in my hair after application but it's not overbearing."

    Almond Milk Leave-In Conditioner

  • Mirabelle Plum Leave-In Conditioner

    "Almond oil and grapeseed oil are perfect for low porosity....Great conditioner!...Almond oil and grapeseed oil are perfect for low porosity."


  • Pracaxi Nectar Wash n’ Go Leave-In

    "great moisture!...Outstanding product!...I have thick, high porosity, 3c?...I put some in mohair before going to bed; did a light twist keep hair from getting tangled."

    Pracaxi Nectar Wash n’ Go Leave-In

  • Garnier Smoothing Shampoo with Coconut Oil & Cocoa Butter extracts 12.5 FL OZ

    "My fav!...Love it....My daughter's hair is normal porosity and took the product well....Great shampoo, can be a little too harsh and strip too much of the necessary natural hair and scalp oils so it'sn't good to use EVERY single day, but washing your hair every single day isn't good regardless with any shampoo and will also strip too much of those oils."

    Smoothing shampoo tames & controls frizzy hair Our velvety formula, blooms with an exotic fragrance of coconut oil & cocoa butter, bringing to life our wholesome care that nourishes hair and tames frizz & flyaways.* Also available in 22 oz. *When using the Garnier Whole Blends Smoothing system of shampoo & conditioner

  • Healthy Hair Butter

    "Love it !...THE BOMB....I have type 4 hair mostly A & C medium porosity....Healthy Hair Butter will work at repairing the damage life has caused, but it will not add the moisture needed to offset your hair looking dull and being difficult to comb-run your fingers through."

    20-Year Favorite!

  • Mimosa Hair Honey

    "I Love It...Amazing !...I learned that my hair is low porosity therefore, my hair requires heat in order to absorb the products put on it....I would say it lasts forever but I've to bear in mind that it is being used on a shaved head and now that I've typed this I remember using it on my shaved sides and it was phenomenal."


  • Garnier Replenishing Leave-in Conditioner with Virgin-Pressed Olive Oil & Olive Leaf Extracts

    "OMG I LOVE IT!...Holy Grail!...I have low porosity, tight coils, and med-thick hair....I followed my usual hair routine of shampooing (I know a lot of curly haired people limit their shampoo use, but my hair really loves it) and then applying my usual conditioner and I Squish to Condish (this is a curly hair term- google if unfamiliar - you won't be sorry- I promise!)."

    Replenishing leave-in conditioner renews softness, shine & suppleness. Our Garnier Whole Blends silicone-free and paraben-free, replenishing leave in conditioner formula, blooms with a caring fragrance of virgin-pressed olive oil & olive leaf, bringing to life our wholesome care that intensely renews dried out hair from root to tip. Results: With every use, reveal hair that has been intensely replenished with nourishment for sumptuous softness with no weigh down. Hair is easy to detangle & more manageable to style. * When using the Garnier Whole Blends Legendary Olive Replenishing system of shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner

  • Garnier Illuminating Oil Moroccan Argan and Camellia Oils Extracts

    "Just perfect...Loving it!...I am African American and have type 3 natural hair with low porosity....I've tried other hair oils that left my hands feeling greasy after applying it to my hair and had to wash my hands afterwards, but this absorbed into my skin without any greasy residue."

    Illuminating Oil restores radiant shine Our Garnier Whole Blends paraben-free, indulgent hair oil formula blooms with a luxurious fragrance of Moroccan argan & camellia oils for hair. It absorbs instantly to restore moisture, shine & suppleness. Results: With every use, reveal satin soft, replenished and illuminated hair. * When using the Garnier Whole Blends Illuminating oil

  • Hair Balm

    "I love it!...Great Buy...Not many products can moisturize both my new growth and relaxed ends, especially both having to different porosity levels....This product moisturizes my hair, doesn't leave it all heavy and greasy.I put this on my hair after I wrap it up, but before I put on my scarf , and in the morning my hair is shiny and beautiful!"


  • Hair Milk Cleansing Conditioner

    "I'm in love!...In Love...I'm a 3b, low porosity curly and this is a staple in my hair routine....Im transitioning and have about 10 inches of hair with onli 4 inches of permed hair left and I can not wait to chop those ends off and wear just my curly strands."


  • Hair Milk Perfect Curls Collection

    "Not regrets....Works well...I have type 2C to3A hair with low to medium porosity....I purchased this product about two months ago and since then my hair has been strong, healthy and vibrant."


  • Hair Milk Gift Set

    "love it!...great product!...But this product may work better for you if you have tighter curls/coils and dryer hair than I do; it's hard for me to find products that don't look greasy and just sit on top of my hair because of my low porosity....the cleansing conditioner was great it really moisturized my hair as well as the leave in."

    Hair Milk Gift Set