Shadow Palettes

Check out our selection of Shadow Palettes. 

  • Ultimate Shadow Palette

    "Thank you....I love it!...This is a really great shadow palette if you're looking for a wide variety of colors or are looking for a palette to hone your eye shadow skills....I was impressed with the pigmentation, though I suggest using an eye primer, plus a dampened brush when applying to achieve their full effect."

    We named this collection the Ultimate Shadow Palette because that’s exactly what it is—a pro-level palette packed with 16 high-performance eyeshadows and pressed pigments in a rainbow of tone-inspired shades. Available in four striking color combinations—Neutral-Cool, Neutral-Warm, Bright and Smokey/Highlight—each set features a vivid mix of velvety-rich textures and mesmerizing finishes that range from mattes and satins to shimmers and metallics.

  • The Adorable Shadow Palette

    "I love it....LOVE can try on different kind of shades and it will all look perfect on you!...I'm never as impressed with any other whites and would buy this palette just for that color."

    Sometimes naughty but always nice! These shadows create a variety of looks that rock the night from shimmering nude and natural to smokey brown. These 6 pigment-packed eye shadows were hand selected to work together in one easy-to-use palette.

  • The Natural Shadow Palette

    "Worth getting....Really amazing...I bought this a month or so ago and was very excited because the colors are really nice in person!...Very realistic nude and natural looking shades, not cakey or chalky looking like some nude shades I have seen."

    Go au natural…or dramatic with the Natural Shadow Palette. Designed to work beautifully with all skin tones this 6-shadow collection enhances your eyes instantly and lets you go as soft or dramatic as you like. Wear these shades solo mix them up or use them as a neutral base for any of our other colorful shadows.

  • Perfect Filter Shadow Palette

    "What a haul!...So bomb!...These shadow palettes are more expensive than your normal drugstore palette but they are totally worth the money because the pigmentation is the same as palettes that cost twice as much....The colors are beautiful and really pigmented and this palette is a great dupe for the Anastasia Subculture"

    Need a filter for that selfie? #LookNoFurther. Our new Perfect Filter Shadow Palettes feature ten vibrant shades of our amazing eyeshadow. Available in five striking color combinations, each collectible set is inspired by a different photo filtering effect.

  • The Blushed Nudes® Eye Shadow Palette

    "LOVE IT!...Highly recommend....The only problem for me is that some of the colors do not seem to last for the whole day, but other than that, the colors are gorgeously subtle....The colors are so so creamy and pigmented and go on so smooth."

    The Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Palette by Maybelline. Create bold eye makeup looks with this 12-shade eyeshadow palette of duo, trio, and quad color combinations.

  • The Nudes Eye Shadow Palette

    "Nice palette...FANTASTIC PALETTE!!!...These shadows work best with a primer; some of the lighter shades are a bit chalky but not unusable....The second is taupe brown which I use with my natural looks and is overall not too opaque.This one is a little chalky but still nice."

    The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette by Maybelline. Go nude and create bold eyeshadow looks with this 12-shade palette of beige, bronze, and taupe eyeshadow colors.

  • Ultimate Multi-Finish Shadow Palette

    "Nice over all....Great Palettes...I absolutely adore the shades and finishes in this palette and it is soooo pigmented!...I particularly like how the layout is designed to give you cues as to what goes together if you are unsure."

    Ever wish your fave eyeshadows came in every finish imaginable? Live the dream with the Ultimate Multi-Finish Shadow Palette in your kit. Available in four tone-inspired color combinations, these pro-level palettes are packed with 12 high-performance eyeshadows and pressed pigments. Each new set features a hand-picked selection of four vibrant shades in three mesmerizing finishes-from matte, to shimmer and sparkly metallic.

  • The Sex Bomb Shadow Palette

    "I love NYX!...Love this palette....This was the first NYX product I ever tried and it had the colors I like to use for smokey eyes....Very impressed with color selection...stayed put when paired with proof it shadow primer."

    Channel your inner sex bomb with this seductive set of 6 shadows. Truly beautiful and vibrant these shades were expertly combined in one sexy set to transform you day or night. Whether you use every day or only on special occasions - you’re sure to have fun and be inspired with this palette.

  • In Your Element Shadow Palette - Fire

    "Worth It!...Excellent pigment....I really took this stuff through the ringer today: childcare job, bus transit, rain, etc and by the end of the day it still looks fantastic....I actually really like the packaging of this product and don't find it to be "cheap" at all."

    Playing with fire has never looked this good. Our striking In Your Element Shadow Palette Fire collection is packed with 12 blendable hues of rich, blendable eyeshadow and pigment ranging from shockingly bright to warm transition shades. Each one of our six striking (and ultra-collectable) color combinations is inspired by the earth's elements.

  • The Smokey Shadow Palette

    "Really Good...great palette...I love the product but hate the service it took way too long....I LOVE matte eye color and these are all matte except for one, which goes on much subtler than it looks like in the palette."

    Where there's smoke there's fire. And our best-selling Smokey Shadow Palette truly turns up the heat. All of our favorite smokey shades are here allowing you to create an endless array of sexy smoldering looks with one simple palette. Easy to apply and blend these 6 pigment-packed powders are date night necessities.

  • Cosmic Metals Shadow Palette

    "I love it!!...Love the colors!...So I walk in the store for a primer and look at these Cosmic metals eyeshadows and fell in love there beautiful and the pigmentation is sensational !!...I especially like the effect I get when I spray my brush with setting spray first."

    Create a spectrum of out-of-this-world eye looks with the Cosmic Metals Shadow Palette—a new eyeshadow set inspired by our beloved Cosmic Metals Lip Cream. Featuring six versatile and edgy neutrals in tones of gold, plum and mauve, this gorgeous set loads your lids with rich, metallic color and incredible color payoff.

  • Full Throttle Shadow Palette

    "I love it!...Love the colors!...The colors in each palette work well together and include highlight, transition, and shade, as well as a pop of color in most of them....All the shades are perfect and blend well together, I reach for it almost every day."

    Full-on color. Endless possibilities. Powered by four pigment-packed eyeshadows, our new Full Throttle Shadow Palettes allow you to create unlimited eye looks, every single time. With so many color combos to choose from, each stylish set is a treasure in itself. (Trust us—you’re going to want to collect them all.)

  • Lid Lingerie Shadow Palette

    "Amazing !...Thank God for NYX!...the only real issue is that they can be a tiny bit powdery and produce some kickup but otherwise they are great!...I love the everyday colors of this palette alone, but they also add a nice touch of depth to the shimmer pigments as well."

    Adorn your eyes in velvety color with our irresistible Lid Lingerie Shadow Palette—a new eyeshadow set inspired by our creamy-matte Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks. Featuring six creamy matte neutrals, this gorgeous set packs a wide range of tones and depth into one small palette. Each velvety-matte shade blends like a dream and delivers incredible color payoff.

  • Avant Pop! Shadow Palette

    "Great brand...Blends fantastically!...Avant Pop has some great colors that you can mix and make several different looks....It's highly pigmented without fallout and, lasts all day."

    Express yourself with splashes of striking color from our Avant Pop! Shadow Palettes. All three collections have been carefully curated with 10 eyeshadows in various finishes. Each palette lets you create a softer look or take it to the next level. Everything you need to create your own pop art masterpiece is at your fingertips!

  • In Your Element Shadow Palette - Metal

    "I love these shadows so much!...I'm very happy with this palette!...I personally haven't used it a whole lot (I don't always wear a lot of eye shadow) but when I do, I love the shades of color in this pallet....There is also a nice large mirror inside, which is what I use to do my makeup."

    Sparkle and shine at any given time with the glistening range of rich, metallic color in our In Your Element Shadow Palette Metal collection! This stunning palette features 12 shades of rich, blendable shades of eyeshadow and pigment for an explosion of metallic payoff and endless head-turning looks. Each one of our six striking (and ultra-collectable) color combinations is inspired by the earth's elements.

  • In Your Element Shadow Palette - Earth

    "I love the colors...nice addition to my collection...It has a wonderful formula, pigment for days, and is wearable in so many color combinations....I love how it blends and can be incorporated with other colors I have."

    Discover a world of possibilities and capture the essence of earth with this rich, velvety lineup of nature-inspired shades in our In Your Element Shadow Palette Earth collection. This harmonious palette features 12 gorgeous tones of rich, blendable eyeshadow and pigment for an endless array of day-to-night look. Each one of our six striking (and ultra-collectable) color combinations is inspired by the earth's elements.

  • In Your Element Shadow Palette - Water

    "I love this palette....Love the colors and blends well!...I bought this a month or so and I'm so glad I did....The colors drew me to this palette and I am in love with it"

    Dive right in and explore a world of color with our In Your Element Shadow Palette Water! This holiday must-have features 12 oceanic tones of rich, blendable eyeshadow ranging from the softest sea foam to the brightest blue. Each one of our six striking (and ultra-collectable) color combinations is inspired by the earth's elements.

  • The Rock Nudes™ Eye Shadow Palette

    "I only recently started using make up even at my age, but this is my third palette I've bought by maybelline, and I love it....Love the pigment on them and the durability of the eyeshadow....Love this new palette...Excellent selection of shimmer, glitter, and matte."

    The Rock Nudes Eye Shadow Palette by Maybelline. Our 12 Shade collection of edgy-nude, rock & roll colors. The perfect makeup palette for endless possibilities.

  • In Your Element Shadow Palette - Air

    "IN LOVE!...Other than that it's fantastic!...I have used the shimmers in this palette for most of my day to day looks since I got it; they have a shift in color which intensifies when foiled or placed over concealer....Other than that it's fantastic!"

    The sky is the limit with this dreamy assortment of rich, velvety color. Our sweetly hued In Your Element Shadow Palette Air collection features 12 silky shades of rich, blendable eyeshadow and pigment for an endless array of pastel-ethereal looks. Each one of our six striking (and ultra-collectible) color combinations is inpired by the earth's elements.

  • In Your Element Shadow Palette - Wind

    "I have only used the Wind palette so far and I am very impressed!...I'd definitely recommend this palette, it's just so beautiful and I'm so glad that I got it....The colors blend so well and all of them looks beautiful together....The colors in this pallet are smooth and complement each other."

    Beauty is a breeze and slaying your eye game is a cinch with this fresh assortment of rich, velvety eyeshadows in our In Your Element Shadow Palette Wind collection! This multifaceted palette features 12 silky shades that range from bright sky blue to deep and stormy gray. Each one of our six striking (and ultra-collectable) color combinations is inspired by the earth's elements.