Tanning Lotion

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  • Sun Free Self Tanning Formula

    "GREAT PRODUCT...So Perfect!!!...The results were very quick (I put it on before bed, and had GREAT color the next day), and I even cut if with some Creme de Corps (this was a pro-tip from a Kiehl's expert at the store)....Tried em all, this one takes the cake for color, texture, lack of small and does not break my face out."

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  • Almond Cookie Frappé Body Lotion

    "Love the lotion...I love it....i have been addicted to these products since day 1 I love them all...This was given as a gift, however, I've used it and am pleased with its creaminess."

    Almond Cookie Frappé Body Lotion

  • Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion

    "Love it!...great for oily skin...Kiehls doesn't have an oil-free SPF daily moisturizer, so I use a small amount of Facial Fuel SPF 50 and mix it with this for an oil-free daily protection....I love Kiehl's and have been a fan for years, I've been using the Ultra Facial Lotion since high school... I've normal/to dry skin with a sensitive/oil-prone t-zone and this lotion not only accommodates all the areas of my face, but feels great going on!"

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  • Garnier Mega Full Thickening Lotion

    "My favorite...100% Love...I have naturally flat and fine hair, but when I use this product it adds the PERFECT amount of volume and texture for me!...I am glad I did not read some of the reviews before I bought this product, but am glad I read them before using."

    Ultra-light thickening lotion that creates body and fullness. Wishing for volume that not only looks bigger but feels thicker? Garnier Fructis Style Mega Full is a new generation, ultra-light thickening hair lotion that creates body & fullness for hair that feels thicker, ultra soft, & has natural movement. HOW DOES IT WORK Sheer, featherlight formula with cotton flower extract sprays weightlessly onto strands to add volume & boost up fine hair for long-lasting fullness, bounce & shine. Dries silky clean with a non-tacky finish.

  • Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion

    "loved it...Great, great stuff....I am not a review writing person but this has has given me such a great result I am so glad to let you know this is Amazing product!...I went into kiehls to get the spot treatment but the sales lady said that for my small cluster of spots this would work more effectively, I have to say kiehls have the nicest most helpful staff then any other shop I have even been in, great customer service to match great products."

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  • Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Lotion

    "I AM IN LOVE...Goodbye Shine...For those with truly oily skin and large pores, I would recommend a traditional mattifier or pore-reducing primr instead of this....I mean, I'm not running marathons or anything...just walking to a lunch spot or something...but still, I'm impressed."

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  • Deluxe Hand & Body Lotion with Aloe Vera & Oatmeal

    "It's great lotion....Fallen in love with Coriander...I ordered the Gardenia this winter, as I love floral scented lotions and it was perfect!...Goes on smoothly,is absorbed quickly and moisturizes very well."

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  • Instant Polishing Prep Leave-In Cutting And Detangling Lotion

    Moisturizing hair lotion revives hair with healthy-looking radiance. This dry hair lotion detangles, primes and polishes hair before styling. Try this moisturizing hair lotion to increase combability and smoothness.

  • Ecstasy Frappé Body Lotion

    "Ecstasy Frappe lotion...I really love it....If you have extra dry skin and need something really thick, this isn't it, but for normal skin, it's great...Its the best lotion and a wonderful scent."


  • Marula Curl Therapy Diffusing & Styling Lotion

    "Excellent product....LOVE LOVE LOVE this product....I've tried everything but the detangling milk, and so far I've been pleased with everything....I like that my hair held the moisture and definition without being really stiff; they were firm and bouncy."


  • Creme de Corps Light-Weight Body Lotion

    "Like the original but thinner....this stuff is great!...Like the Creme de Corps this is also a good product, but just a lighter weight......The first time I tried it, I remember thinking how nice my skin felt later on in the day, and realizing then how great the product was."

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  • Absolue Premium βx Lotion

    "Very very good...But this was incredibly....LOVE the product, but the pump broke soon after purchase, so now it takes an act of God everyday to get enough out to moisturize....The benefits of the serum I loved plus a sunscreen... and I no longer had to apply a moisturizer on top!"

    Absolue Replenishing and Rejuvenating Lotion containing Pro-Xylane™, helps restore essential moisture in skins surface, plumping it to help skin restore density, firmness and clarity as if signs of aging appear rejuvenated. The replenishing Bio-Network™ of Wild Yam, Soy, Sea Algae and Barley helps complete the visible rejuvenation. The Results Skin feels intensely moisturized. See fine lines and wrinkles visibly reduced. Feel renewed firmness and elasticity. See revived clarity and even skin tone. Skin recovers the supple fullness of youthful looking skin. It is visibly rejuvenated. Oil-free, non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic. Dermatologist-tested for safety.

  • Close Shavers Squadron™ Smooth Glider Precision Shave Lotion

    "Good By Formula 31-0...Beats grocery store cans, but not as good as homemade lather....It serves better as a pre shave lotion and then you put something else over top of it....The fact that it goes on completely clear makes it best for a full beard if you just need to clean up the sides, otherwise it is easy to lose track of what you covered on the second pass."

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  • Hair Milk Cream-to-Serum Lotion

    "Love the way it's makes my hair feel good....First time using this, I am so pleased with this product....I will not twist my 4a hair without it."


  • Musk Lotion

    "I love the musk in whichever form it comes in....Awe shoot!...Great lotion!...Awe shoot!"

    This luxurious, yet lightweight body lotion is instantly absorbed to provide superb moisturization for enduring softness. Skin is left silky-smooth and sensuously fragranced with the distinctly modern scent that is Kiehl's Original Musk.

  • align 12 - protective smoothing lotion

    Smoothing lotion strengthens and straightens hair with control. Anti-frizz technology creates an extra smooth finish. Perfect for a straight and smooth blowout.

  • Énergie De Vie Pearly Lotion

    "It makes my face feel happy and energized....My skin is combo & this doesn't make me oily at all in my T-zone....Incredibly Amazing Results...It doesn't feel sticky."

    Inspired by Korean skin care routines, this highly effective beauty essence acts as a moisture magnet while relieving dullness and revitalizing skin.

  • L'incroyable Blowdry Lotion

    "The results were amazing!...This product I use every time I wash my hair is outstanding....BUT, the L'incroyable on its own is amazing....This product along your Discipline line are the best products for frizzy hair hands down!"

    Create endless looks with our first-to-market* ground breaking Couture Styling innovation. Miracle heat-sensitive microwax technology allows the hair to set and re-set styles with ease. Extremely Repositionable, unparalleled shape memory, 96 hour extreme anti-fizz control, 450° thermo-protection. *For L'Oreal. S.R.S.® Microwax Technology: Miracle heat-sensitive microwaxes can set and re-set styles

  • Instant Polishing Prep Leave-In Cutting And Detangling Lotion

    "I'm buying this again...TERRIFIC PRODUCT!!!...This product works so well for cutting hair lotion especially in nursing homes when shampooing can be difficult for bedridden clients....I used this for the first time since last month after my hair guy recommended it and used it on my hair."

    Moisturizing hair lotion revives hair with healthy-looking radiance. This dry hair lotion detangles, primes and polishes hair before styling. Try this moisturizing hair lotion to increase combability and smoothness.

  • Aromatic Blends Hand & Body Lotion

    "It blends in quickly, does the job....A Nourishing, Fragrant Lotion...I get compliments all the time because I smell so good....Smells great!"

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