Jan 20, 2015

Super-short hair can work on almost all face types, but there are certain tricks that will make a short haircut really turn heads. Here are ways to make short snips work for your face type:

short hair

Oval Face
Lucky you! You have the most versatile face shape when it comes to haircuts: bobs, side-parts, layered looks or funky shapes — it’s all fair game. You can even rock a punk look or opt for layered bangs with a cute bob; the sky’s the limit.

Heart Face
You'll look great in long, side-swept bangs with lots of volume. These bangs draw attention to the eyes, and it’s a smart idea to frame the face with layered, angled bangs that taper toward the chin.

Square Face
Bobs that angle below the jawline tend to look stylish on you because they soften angular face structures. Long, tapered layers look nice, and rounder bangs are A-okay because they also soften angles.

Round Face
Since your facial contours are softer and curvier, the haircut needs to be edgier and angular to achieve balance. Center parts tend to work well and accentuate the symmetry, but asymmetrical, edgy cuts also frame the face nicely.

To keep your lovely mane in pristine form, pocket some smoothing sheets, like Kérastase Carré Lissant. They’re great for frizz, too!

How do you create pizazz with your short haircut? Tell us in the comments!

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