Hey, Shorty! Yeah, you with the sleek bob or shoulder-length layers, we are talkin’ to you! We know so many of the spectacular updos you see around the Web are for long hair only. And while there’s not much of an updo you can create with a straight-up pixie, there’s still a lot you can do with most other short hair lengths`. We tapped hair and makeup pro Diana Shin to show us a super-easy and super-chic updo for you!

updo for short hair
Step 1. Spray hair with dry shampoo, paying extra attention to roots. This will give it some fullness and volume.

Step 2.
Curl the hair with a 1-inch curling iron.

Step 3.
Tease the hair around the crown and lightly brush out the curls so they are more natural and wavy.

Step 4.
Separate two front sections of hair. Pull the rest back into a pony. Make the pony full and messy-looking by tugging at the crown a bit.

Step 5.
Tease the pony and pin sections of it around the base to make a messy bun.

Step 6.
Make a side part so one of the separated sections is thicker than the other. French braid both sides of the separated pieces. Lightly tug at the braids to give them a slightly undone look.

Step 7
. Pin back the braids and tuck the ends into the bun with bobby pins.

Step 8.
Spray the style with secure-hold hairspray like Loréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle LOCKIT Fine Control Hairspray.

What’s your go-to updo? Tell us in the comments below!

Photography: Joshua M. Shelton
Model: Claire McGovern

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