the best short hairstyles for your face shape Short hair exudes confidence. We always admire the brave and stylish—like the cool Cheryl Wiscchover—that can rock a pixie cut with tons of sass and zero abandon. Practically speaking, this scorching summer humidity also has us daydreaming about a completely cool, bare neck (we know, you’re practically drooling at the thought). So to light a fire under our short hair cravings, and really show us what style works best on which face shape, we reached out to Cutler Stylist Roberto Rios for his take on how to snip.

Flatter Your Face Shape

When you’re showing off your beautiful mug with a short ‘do, it’s smart to pick a style that flatters your bone structure and face shape. Here’s what Rios recommends. “Long face: The hair at the nape of the neck should be just below the jawline. If the goal is to shorten the face, the cut should include bangs—either side-swept or blunt. Round face: This depends on the jawline. If it's strong, you can go really short in the back, with soft sideburns and extra piecey strands on the ends. However, if the jawline is undefined, it's best to go longer in the back, which will create a shadow and definition. Square face: Hair should be heavier and more side-swept on top. Like with a round face, if the jawline is strong, don't have fear of cutting the back really short. If the jawline is weak, go longer in the back. Heart-shape face: Go with longer hair on top, with long bangs and shorter on the sides.”

Show Off Your Personality

While flattering your bone structure is always a good thing, a lot of hairstyle choices come down to personal preference and style. If you’re looking for something edgy, Rios suggests you “leave the top long, but go super short on the sides, almost buzzed. Hair on the sides should be a half of an inch at most. This is best for those with a strong jawlines and ultra-feminine face.” If you’re looking for something a little more feminine, “the outline of the haircut should be fringy, no hard/straight lines. Edges should be wispy and soft,” Rios explains. We’re curious, are you onboard with short summer hair or do you keep your strands long? Let us know with a comment below! Photo: Thinkstock


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