Dec 15, 2010
Back in June, American Apparel came under fire when emails allegedly outlining the company's grooming policy for its female staffers (which included no eyeliner or shiny lip gloss) were leaked to the press. Now another company—albeit a far more conservative one—is making headlines with their guidelines on how employees should look when they show up to work. And the overriding message seems to be: Check your self-expression at the door. The Wall Street Journal reports than Swiss bank UBS AG is sent its Swiss retail banking staff a 43-page packet outlining how to look spiffy and impress customers. In addition to asking that all employees dress in gray, navy, or black suits since these colors "symbolize competence, formalism, and sobriety" (to be fair, this is all translated from Swedish), female employees are asked to wear "Light makeup consisting of foundation, mascara and discreet lipstick," which the company emphasizes "will enhance your personality." The dress code also advises women not to wear black nail polish or nail art and, if they color their hair, to keep it touched up so they never have visible roots (that last one would be the deal breaker for me—sometimes my colorist is just booked solid!). The company al The move is part of a test UBS is carrying out in Switzerland across five pilot branches. It follows a recent advertising campaign aimed at re-establishing confidence in the Swiss bank's brand and mending relations with client The company stresses that these are merely guidelines and not a strictly enforced policy,


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