Karina Giglio Oct 17, 2011
Seems like just yesterday, matchy-matchy makeup was a beauty sin better left to pageant queens. Now, it’s Hollywood’s latest beauty obsession (think: Sofia Vergara’s stunning coral lips, cheeks, and one-shoulder dress at the 2011 Emmy’s). But when you’re walking a fine line between gorgeous and gaudy, it’s important to choose your steps properly. Giorgio Armani Celebrity Makeup Artist Tim Quinn tells us how to be the ultimate matchmaker. “Matchy can look modern and fresh if you play with the texture and tone of your makeup, clothes, and polish,” says Quinn.  “Not everything needs to be a literal match.” That said, don’t even think about it if you’re wearing animal prints. “Too much zebra is just too much!”

Lips and tips

Thanks to the current Mad Men obsession, matching lips with nails is suddenly trés chic. “Keep the color in the red family,” says Quinn. And make sure the rest of your makeup is crisp and clean. Try Essie Red Nouveau on nails paired with Giorgio Armani Rouge D’Armani in Scarlatto on lips.

Eyeshadow and liner

Quinn loves a modern monochromatic eye: Pick a liner that’s one shade darker than your shadow for definition, like Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow in Amethystpaired with their Eye Studio Master Drama Cream Pencil in Vibrant Violet.  This looks especially of-the-moment if you’re wearing a purple shirt or dress.

Clothes and makeup

As far as matching your makeup to your clothes, you certainly don’t want to clash with what you’re wearing (so don’t even think about neon violet shadow with a bright red dress). But it’s more important to pair your overall makeup look to the occasion:“If you’re in an evening gown, play it up by wearing evening makeup,” says Quinn. “If you’re doing something outdoors during the day, stick to tinted moisturizer and gloss.” Are you for or against matchy-matchy makeup?


About the Author:Karina Giglio is a lifestyle, beauty and health writer whose work has appeared in numerous national publications including Women’s Health, Washingtonian, Ladies Home Journal, OK!, Allure, Fitness, Marie Claire, Bride’s and The New York Post. She was a regular contributor to makeup.com, and her articles and blog posts can be found on prevention.com, dailyglow.com, yahoo.com and huffingtonpost.com. Karina has worked onstaff at Cosmopolitan and YM, as well as being part of the original Sephora.com launch team

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