shower beauty products There are two types of showers: those that are neat and orderly with your basic product array fitting comfortably within the limited space, and those that require some maneuvering when entering and exiting to avoid an avalanche of shampoo bottles. Whether your shower situation looks like the former or the latter, there are certain key products that should be found in every shower. It probably comes as no surprise that our showers tend to have a bit of an overspill problem, but even when we do edit the mayhem, we always remember to keep these six beautifiers on the shelves. And you should too. 1. Strand-Supporting Shampoo. For regular use, find a shampoo that’s specifically designed to suit your hair’s needs. Not totally sure what’s best for your hair type? You can never go wrong with a sulfate-free shampoo. Gentle formulas like L’Oréal EverCrème Sulfate-Free Moisture System Nourishing Shampoo protect and strengthen strands with every wash. 2. Nourishing Conditioner. The conditioner you use on a regular basis can be less specific to your hair type. If you choose to forgo a fortifying shampoo, don’t skimp on the fortifying conditioner. Feed your tresses with a product that promotes hair health like Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Conditioner. 3. Mild & Moisturizing Cleanser. Dry, irritated skin can strike any time of year. When climate isn’t the cause, a harsh cleanser is often the culprit. Steer clear of body washes with synthetic colors and fragrances. Gentler is better. Think a rich, creamy St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter Moisturizing Body Wash over a grapefruit-scented, bright pink shower gel. 4. Hair Detoxifier. About once a week, give your standard shampoo a break and switch to a clarifying shampoo to rid of any product buildup and refresh your strands. We like to think of Pureology Purify Shampoo as our Sunday shampoo—it allows us to start the week with a clean slate. 5. Deep Conditioning Mask. Between the blow dryers and the messy buns, most manes take a beating on a daily basis. Give your hair the extra TLC it deserves by treating it to 5-10 minutes of Kérastase Masque Chroma Riche any time you need a beauty boost. 6. Slough it all off Scrub. Mild and gentle is great for everyday, but sometimes you really want to feel the clean. Scrubbing down with full-body exfoliator like Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Polish will leave you feeling squeaky-clean and super smooth. Just don’t reach for it too frequently.   What beauty products do you have in your shower right now? Tell us your staples in the comments below!   Photos: Thinkstock

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