shower rituals Whether you consider showering a necessary evil or the highlight of your day, there are certain pre- and post-cleansing practices that can turn this exercise in good hygiene into an essential step in your head-to-toe beautifying routine. Busy girls take note — these easy improvements will add no more than a few minutes to your existing routine.

Pre-Shower Rituals

Brush Up

You can increase the effectiveness of your regular in-shower exfoliation by dry brushing before you hop in. Dry brushing is a full-body detoxifying treatment used to remove dead skin cells, boost circulation and increase lymphatic drainage. Over time, daily dry brushing can improve skin’s texture and elasticity and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Grab The Body Shop’s Round Body Brush, start at your feet and sweep the brush up toward your heart using long strokes. Total Time: 90 seconds

Brush Down

Your tresses can also benefit from a few brushstrokes. Brushing your hair stimulates the scalp and distributes the hair’s natural oils — the perfect time to do this is right before washing. Hair is also more vulnerable when wet, so do yourself a favor and get the tangles out before you step into the shower to avoid breakageTotal Time: 30 seconds  

Post-Shower Rituals

Dry Off

You may think this stage of the shower process is a no-brainer, but if you knew what your standard towel is doing to your hair, you’d think twice. The fibers in bath towels are like thousands of little hooks that rough up the cuticle. The result is frizzy hair. For smooth, shiny hair, swap your towel for a T-shirt. A T-shirt soaks up excess water but doesn’t have the grooves of a towel. And remember to pat and blot hair dry, never rub or shake. Total Time: 60 seconds

Moisture In

The best thing you can do for your freshly exfoliated skin is treat it to some well-deserved hydration. The best time you can do this is right after the shower. Before you open that bathroom door, pick up your favorite dry-skin quencher (we love Kiehl’s Creme de Corps) and seal in all that moisture from the still-steamy bathroom air. Total Time: 2 minutes   Have you ever tried any of the pre- or post-shower beauty tricks? Let us know in the comments below.   Photos: thinkstock

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