Jan 25, 2014
Is your basic braid starting to feel a bit…blah? Don’t get us wrong – we could never bid our standard braid adieu for good, but lately we’ve been in the mood for something with a bit more pizazz (we blame our Pinterest addiction). We decided to give our go-to side braid a simple upgrade with some texture spray, a bobby pin and a mini braid – and we have to admit, we’re quite pleased with the result. Try this hairstyle out the next time you’re itching for a braid upgrade but don’t have time to pull off an elaborately woven ‘do. You’re welcome.  side braid tutorial  

1. Boost volume: Fatten up your locks by spritzing a texturizing spray like Garnier Fructis Style De-Constructed Beach Chic Spray all over your hair. Twist and scrunch for volume.

2. Side pony:
Gather your hair at the nape of your neck as if you were making a side ponytail, and secure with a thin hair elastic.

3. Mini braid:
Take a half-inch section of hair in your ponytail and braid.

4. Wrap:
Wrap this mini-braid around your hair elastic and pin the end in place with a bobby pin.

5. Braid:
Braid the rest of your hair as you would a normal braid. Secure with another hair elastic at the bottom.

6. Fatten:
Carefully pull on the sides of your braid, starting at the top and going down to “fatten” it and give it a thicker, more voluminous feel. And there you have it – a simple upgrade that takes your basic braid to the next level. We dig it!  

Would you ever try this look? What’s your go-to braid?
Tell us in the comments!


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