Is your vanity looking more like a beauty crime scene than a flawless makeup counter? Here are 10 signs it's time to clean out your makeup drawer.

Old Makeup

1. No Counter Space

If you can't see your vanity's surface, there are just too many cosmetics on it. Get organized and throw out anything you haven't used in several months.

2. Dirty Drawers

You pull out a drawer and it takes a few seconds for the powder to settle before you can see what's inside.

3. Melted Lipstick

When you open your lipstick tubes, you find mush instead of a stick. Toss!

4. Separated Foundation

Your foundation bottles contain separated layers of liquid. They've gone bad.

5. Smelly Creams

Any cream-based makeup smelling like old crayons has expired.

6. Broken Eye Shadows

Trash any shadows or palettes that have crumbled.

7. Outdated Makeup

Anything not worn in a year should go. If you didn't wear black lipstick for the last 365 days, you probably won't tomorrow, either.

8. Crusty Mascara

Mascara the texture of chipping paint should be a goner. (It's a great excuse to try something new and fun, like L'Oréal Paris Voluminous Butterfly Mascara.)

9. Sticky Tubes

Are your lip gloss tubes gooey? Ew! They're leaking and need to go.

10. Dusty Brushes

Can't remember when you last cleaned your makeup brushes? Time to give them a proper clean or toss them.

What's your favorite way to clean out your makeup? Tell us in our comments!


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