signs it's time to replace makeup Breaking up is hard to do. If it wasn’t, revenge-induced haircuts, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and Taylor Swift’s Grammys just wouldn’t exist. Since we know it may be difficult to let go of some of your most loyal cosmetic companions, here are 7 signs it’s time to replace the goods.

1. Your concealer covers less than Miley Cyrus’ nude bodysuit.

MDC Solution: Opt for one of these concealers the pros swear by, and check out this article on the best techniques for covering anything.  

2. You’ve done the same makeup routine for so long that you’ve started to do it with your eyes closed…just for kicks.

MDC Solution: Spice it up! Add some sass and get out of that beauty rut with these tricks.  

3. When applying your product, you giggle and ration, “YOLO.”

MDC Solution: While we appreciate the sentiment, we like to use the “one life to live” thought process as an incentive to look our best. Go bold but sophisticated with full brows and a touch of living-on-the-edge eyeliner.  

4. The inside of your makeup bag looks more “science experiment explosion” than “cosmetic smorgasbord.”

MDC Solution: Repair what you can (here are some tips on salvaging broken makeup) and know when it’s time to let go of goods that have seen better days.  

5. You’ve uttered the sentence, “I’ve been wearing this since middle school!”

MDC Solution: While we fully advocate wearing what works for you, try going outside your color comfort zone with these gorgeous fall colors.  

6. You used the same cosmetics for your zombie costume last Halloween.

MDC Solution: Satiate your flair for theatrics with something a bit less costume-y, like bright blush or a colorful cat eye.  

7. Your friends respond with “LOL” when you Snapchat an earnest photo of your makeup.

MDC Solution: Step one: find new friends; step two: blow them all away with your flawless skin, perfectly nude lips and beautifully blended eyeshadow.   How do you know when it’s time to replace your makeup? Let us know with a comment below! Photo: Thinkstock

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