Caitlin Larwood Jul 12, 2013
how to simplify your summer beauty routine The season is in full swing and you’ve probably already uttered the classic line, “Summer is flying by!” Team MDC certainly has. The warm (ok, hot) weather means weekend getaways, social obligations, concerts, BBQ’s and overall a jam-packed calendar. Don’t let your beauty routine hold you up…and don’t let your busy schedule stop you from looking fabulous at all the events. Here are four tips on how to simplify your summer beauty routine.
  1. Skin: If you only remember one thing for the summer, it should be always to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. We reached out to NYC-based Cosmetic and Medical Dermatologist, Gervaise Gerstner for a quick tip. She said first and foremost, “Find your weapon for sun protection. Find the texture of sunscreen that works best for you—mousse, oil, gel, lotion, or mist—and stick with it!” Dr. Gerstner recommends SPF 30 for every day wear in the summer months and SPF 50 for days with high sun exposure.
  2. Hair: Ever had a scalp burn? Not pretty, trust us. But you know what we do love? Double duty beauty. To give your hair that extra touch of shine while protecting your scalp, Dr. Gerstner recommends spraying L'Oréal Paris Sublime Sun Advanced Sunscreen SPF 50+ Crystal Clear Mist on the top of your head before heading out. It protects delicate scalp skin and adds hydration, all without leaving any residue.
  3. Nails: With all the summer travel, when does a girl have time for a DIY mani? No need to disturb your fellow travel companions with the smell of nail polish…throw a pack of nail stickers in your luggage and do your nails in transit. Team MDC loves the fun patterns of essie sleek sticks nail appliques and the bright colors Incoco Nail Polish Appliques has to offer.
  4. Makeup: Don’t underestimate how far one product can go. Keep a peachy/pink toned blush on you at all times and create a full look: blush, eye shadow and lip color.
Do you have any tricks up your sleeve to simplify summer beauty? Comment below or tweet us @makeupdotcom! Photos: Thinkstock


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