Jessica Hagy Sep 6, 2013
skin facts Our skin surprises us a lot. Sometimes it likes to treat us to blemishes out of nowhere; wake us up with a couple of dark circles for no reason at all; or hop on board with our hormones (so as not to miss the party) and start shining manically throughout a stressful workday. That charming little epidermis never fails to keep us on our toes. But even though our relationship with our skin can be a little rocky at times, we’ve come to accept it as a comfortable life partner—we know its quirks, we can usually anticipate its moods, we know when it’s thirsty or when it doesn’t like the new product we’ve tried: we get each other. Or so we thought. Recently, we had an interesting chat with Dermatologist, Dr. Marina Peredo that left us wondering if we even know our skin at all. Because we couldn’t keep these awesome epidermis factoids just to ourselves, here are 5 surprising things you may not know about your ‘ole pal. Did You Know?
  1. A burn will cause immediate damage but it can take 20-30 years for UVA damage to show up.
  2. Genetics and the environment play an equal role in the aging of your skin.
  3. Everything from emotional changes like embarrassment and anger, hot drinks or alcohol, hot temperatures, overheating, spicy foods and even menopause can make you blush. Scientifically blushing is the dilation of blood vessels in the cheeks.
  4. Whether your skin is oily or not depends on number of oil sebaceous glands within your body.
  5. The condition of your skin can determine whether or not it will absorb product.
Well, now you know. May your relationship be glowing henceforward. Any other skin topics you’d like us to tackle? Leave a comment below—we’re nice. Photo: Thinkstock


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